Adrenaline as I am about to fall asleep


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I am curious if others have this experience.
I suffer from nueropathy. When it is bad it affects my sleep which in turn worsens the nephropathy and I am in a cycle that is difficult to break.
I understandably become very exhausted however even when I become extremely sleepy (these cycle can last for days) I will not be able to fall asleep because just as I am about to dose off, when I am at that point of weird thoughts but not dreaming, my body feels like it gets a surge of adrenaline or something and I wake up.

BTW I am seeing elsewhere on this site people have talked about jolting awake in a panic or feeling like their heart stops. That's not what I experience. For me it is almost an electrified feeling. Still maybe the same thing? I sometimes feel like my mind does not want me to fall asleep


I used to get this electrical shock feeling before going into sleep paralysis all the time.

This past month whenever I get into the in between wake and sleep place, I get a sudden sense of panic and jump into wake. Sometimes I might be 70% of the way into dreaming, sometimes only 10%. Surrendering to it works like nothing else


I know the exact feeling! Any luck deciphering a cause? It's been going on for about 2 months now.