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Adrenaline as I am about to fall asleep

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I am curious if others have this experience.
I suffer from nueropathy. When it is bad it affects my sleep which in turn worsens the nephropathy and I am in a cycle that is difficult to break.
I understandably become very exhausted however even when I become extremely sleepy (these cycle can last for days) I will not be able to fall asleep because just as I am about to dose off, when I am at that point of weird thoughts but not dreaming, my body feels like it gets a surge of adrenaline or something and I wake up.

BTW I am seeing elsewhere on this site people have talked about jolting awake in a panic or feeling like their heart stops. That's not what I experience. For me it is almost an electrified feeling. Still maybe the same thing? I sometimes feel like my mind does not want me to fall asleep
I used to get this electrical shock feeling before going into sleep paralysis all the time.

This past month whenever I get into the in between wake and sleep place, I get a sudden sense of panic and jump into wake. Sometimes I might be 70% of the way into dreaming, sometimes only 10%. Surrendering to it works like nothing else
I know the exact feeling! Any luck deciphering a cause? It's been going on for about 2 months now.
Did you ever work out what caused this? I’m suffering from the same thing
Yes every single night (according to my gf) I shake violently. She says that’s how’s she knows I’m going to bed. Ya I’ve been threw all that waking up screaming covered in sweat type of stuff. The terrible dreams and sleeping with multiple loaded guns next to you. That I notice, the hypnotic jerk or whatever it’s called I harshly notice.

people have mentioned a jolt of adrenaline feeling jerking you back awake, I have had those too (not as much now, I feel better, mostly, sometime) but I thinks it’s interesting because it’s said that’s like your waking brain trying to wrestle back control of your sleeping brain, and I had this incident where I kinda like blacked out in a way but I remember it like really clear. But essentially something else took the wheel and I just got to watch. Long story story short this guy shot my brother a couple times. Shot my friend in the leg and Shot my hat off my head and then I punched out his driver side window got the gun and beat all teeth out with it. Had to give my brother cpr for like 30 minutes because the cops too scared to come down the drive way. I couldn’t talk for days cuz I was screaming for help as loud as I could for so long. It doesn’t feel like it was me but it was I guess. So I’ve been really kinda terrified of who it really was, and I feel like when I go to sleep that’s his window to come out and the jerk is me trying to fight him off. And sometimes in the day. Not as much now, but I used to essentially barcode myself in the basement.
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