Adult Child of Alcoholic Dysfunctional Family



I recently surfed to the website of ACA and I am confronted by to how much of the questions I answered yes to. All of them. This is the first time that I am fully aware of how much damage the addictions of both mother, father and other members of my family have done to the child and teenager that I was and probably still am deep inside.

This on top of all the other traumatic periods and events, makes me wonder if there was ever a safe moment in my life. Now I live with my girlfriend and I have told her that this is the first time that I am living in a safe home at the age of 39.

Are there other survivors of addicted families who like to share anything about this? Looking forward to the replies.

Thank you.


Alcoholic father, addicted mother. No idea what her addictions were though as they seemed to be around food and support groups. None of us had weight issues, but we had to follow her weight watchers programs. Food was hidden, forbidden and separated by , mom, dads, children. If she was in alanon, we went to alateen, if she was seeing a psychiatrist we had to as well. There are times as an adult that I wondered if my dad really had a problem with alcohol, any more so than, did we have the problems she said we had. Dysfunctional to the max. How did I recover. Found my own path and understanding of life and for sure counselling.