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Advice for the first anniversary of my suicide attempt

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@berlinda , and @Freida ! :hug: :hug:
How are you just now? :hug:
Quite drained. The earlier-anger did that I think. And making my bed always tuckers me out, bah, but fresh sheets so that's a win. Also being up since 3.30am nightmare doesn't help either.

But, safe.
Hungry. But I have food cooked in the fridge.
A little thirsty, but I can get water.

And just like, proper grateful. To be able to come back to this. :hug:
I'll be fussing at you at some random point in the future once you are feeling back to normal! :hug:
Noted and accepted in advance... like I have a choice :laugh:
I am so relieved to see you back. GROUP HUG chirp chirp. On the 24th i was talking to T about my worries of you since your last post at that time was like the 19th i think.
A supportive community here is evident. Thanks for coming back and yes I grateful you are able too!

It would not be the same without you here. ??
A supportive community here is evident.
Oh my gosh, absolutely so.

I am sitting here so teary and completely floored by the just so massive care from you all.
Words don't ever seem enough, but just know I am so so thankful and grateful; for this; for your welcome backs and kind thoughts, and for your helping of me getting through the anniversary.
And to know that I, definitely, have less scars on my skin than I would have were it not the support from all of you... y'all are the best. I love you guys.

Hope the sun/moon is shining a little brighter over each of you right now.

Biggest heart hugs/group hugs/bear hugs/one-armed hugs/whichever-you-fancy-hugs, to you all.
:hug: @shatter eyes :hug:
Thank you from my heart for remembering and thinking of me and supporting me. I'm sorry it has taken me so long to write back; I've been struggling and isolating a bit, both due to the anniversary and due to some other things going on. But I wanted to let you know that I thought of you on my anniversary, and even though I've never met you, the thought of you, your kindness, encouragement, thoughtfulness and compassion gave me so much strength. Chirp chirp ??:hug:?
Not open for further replies.