Advice? How do you convince yourself to do something you absolutely have to do?

How do you convince yourself to do something you absolutely have to do? I've been dreading going to the store even though I really need to go and it's the only thing I have to do today. Any advice?


For me? Break it down into smaller tasks.

Writing out the shopping list? Is the task I need to do. Once that's done? I high five myself for achieving that.

Getting my bag and into the car? Is the next task. Once I'm in the car and ready to go? Hell, I'm flying! This is almost too easy.

Next task? Navigate my way to the shops with the radio playing. Arriving in the carpark, I'm now seriously kicking goals! The final few tasks from this point are going to be a cakewalk!


I go thru this almost every day. Once in a great while I can just be spontaneous and do it. But not often.

I give myself plenty of time to get this accomplished. Like Sideways, make the list first. Honestly, I do this to see if I can put it off one more day. Some times I can, most times not.

I look at the clock and when 30 minutes is up, I get dressed. Another 30 minutes I get my ass moving out the door and into the car. Tend to what I need to, and then rush home.

I just have to MAKE myself do it.


Use something I rarely used to use. Schedule.

Set a day, set a time, set up all the tasks to get to prepared. Use a calender on your phone, a calendar on the wall whatever.

Set it up a few days before. For me Avoidance usually submits by the time we get there. Sort of like a child with "I don't wanna" Avoidance realizes its happening, like it or not and shuts up.

Plan what needs to happen. (list, what when where) This is a good place to let the squirrels loose for a bit. Burn off the overthinking here.....where are the crackers, what brand, where are they in the store. Make a game out of trying to get everything in the order you come to it in the store on your list.

Go and do.

My work background was in maintenance for 30 years and somehow it just works for me. When I schedule I can make it happen, when its do it now not so much.


If it’s causing me too much suffering and I’m just not doing great. I cut myself a break and just order it online for delivery. It’s still a chore to go through and try remember what I need and sometimes end up with the tiniest jar of mayonnaise imaginable because I don’t remember how many millilitres is what. End up with substitutes and green bananas and it costs more f*ck it. If I’m spending days berating myself and feeling terrible and not being able to do anything else from worrying about it it’s worth it.

If not and I feel like I need the little push:
Noise cancelling headphones and music that makes me pumped, metal or 90s dance music is my go to at the moment. I count down 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 get up. 54321 get my bags, put my shoes on, so on and what not.

I imagine myself going to the store and everything going as smoothly as possible. I check on google when it is quietest an go then. I entice myself to go by thinking about something I really want like imagine myself eating a really ripe mango 🤤 and then look at my empty cupboards with nothing but condiments and say to myself you deserve good food.

Best of luck