Advice needed: Custody issues - Afraid he'll use my mental health records against me.


Hi everyone. Not sure if this is the right forum to post but I took a guess.
I’m currently undergoing legal problems with my sons father. He’s In another country so we are safe. He’s very emotionally abusive, control and coercion ring very very true. It’s getting really bad and he’s finding anything and everything to use against me (that aren’t true) but classic abuser script. My point is, his next move will be to use my mental health against me. To suggest I’m unfit to care for my child - which is so very untrue. My Son is very well cared for if I must say so myself, he is the danger. But, due to my habits, I cannot stop thinking over and over about what if he uses my mental health against me, what if the court want to see my records etc. I’m panicking. It’s really getting to me. Any help would be so very very appreciated. J xx