Childhood Afraid to talk about a trauma, not sure that it happened.



I think a traumatic event happened to me when I was little but nobody else was paying attention, when it happened I was 6 and i'm 14 now and Im scared to tell anyone because it feels like a dream. Even though the people I have talked to have confirmed the events leading up to the incident happened it still just doesn't feel real to me. I cant stop thinking about it and I don't know how to tell people or what I should do. How am I supposed to tell other people what happened to me if I cant even believe myself.


Because of your age, you should go seek a trusted adult to share this with so they can make sure you have the necessary tools to navigate what happened. Please try and find someone to reach out to that you can talk to and trust...


Not thinking it is real is a way your brain protects you - and it's really common for many of us.
One of my therapists once said that every one of her clients has said "I'm just making this up - it didn't happen" at least once during treatment.

@Rumors and @Movingforward10 are both right - it's important to tell an adult so they can get you started in how to figure out what is true and what isn't and how to move forward.


I agree you ought to talk to an adult about this. But also remember some adults also have their own agendas. If you tell someone and you feel like they dismiss you or don’t listen to you and put their own interpretation on events, please don’t be deterred and talk to someone else instead. You’ve got this. It’ll be okay.