After 6 months of weekly tele-therapy today I will meet my T for the first time in person, scared


I am having some severe anxiety today for a peculiar problem of our times. I have had weekly Tele-Health appointments since November, due to Covid. We are both vaccinated so time to have sessions in person.

Video calls allow for a certain amount of protection that in person sessions do not allow for. Has anyone else faced this issue? I mean my T is the person whom I open up to (as much as possible) and the thought of being stuck in the room with her and no way to escape is scary, I know crazy and it makes me very anxious?


Hope it goes well @David1959 , I'm really keen to hear (if you feel like sharing) how it goes.

I have no idea when my T will be in person again. I only had a couple months in person with her and been online since March last year. I would love to be in the same room as her, but like you, I'm already anxious about the thought. Like you too, that screen offers some protection she can't see me fidgeting etc.

But, I imagine it might also feel wonderful?


I'm really keen to hear (if you feel like sharing) how it goes.
Well I survived. Kidding aside, it was more comfortable then I had thought it would be (to clarify this is the first time I have met her in person)

In person is good and I think over the next couple of weeks I will have my wife join us. I am still having trouble sharing details with her even though she is amazingly empathetic and supportive these are still subjects that I have trouble discussing.