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Ah, withdrawals. We meet again.

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I developed a nontoxic goiter a while back, presumably caused by Lithium since thyroid issues don't run in my family but you can't just tell a doc that you don't need a mood stabilizer you have been on for six years, I guess. I never had a bipolar. I had PTSD-related depression that had been hard to treat.

I just lowered my Lithium Carbonate dose from 450 to 300 mg a few days ago. I had myself convinced that I would not even notice. LIES!!!

My original dose was 1050 mg but that was a few months ago. I got shipwrecked on my way to 0 mg at 450 probably in May because I couldn't get lower dose pills from my doctor. That was quite the challenge.

Withdrawals are hard. I feel like shit.

On the upside, it's only 150 mg and 0 mg after this.

Anyone got any fun withdrawal stories?

I deliberately intimidated a man in the grocery store yesterday after his reckless cart driving made me jump out of my skin. Not my best moment but I was headed that direction with or without medication issues.
Yes, had withdrawal effects from meds. They're none the better for being legal imo.
Can you use a pill cutter?

I had to reduce so gently that using a pill cutter was a gift. It meant I wasn't returning to the pharmacy for lower dose meds and could easily and accurately reduce the dosage, under medical supervision, myself.

Is the jumping out of you skin part of the withdrawal or was it the getting a bit too angry moment?
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Is the jumping out of you skin part of the withdrawal or was it the getting a bit too angry moment?
It seems like every time I cut back on the Lithium I spend like 2 weeks being jumpy and my emotional regulation is shit. Normally, I think I would have been annoyed by this man's obvious attempt at being pushy and the fact that he startled me but I would not normally make an effort to aggressively let him know about my aggravation.

I'm not sure if I can use a pill cutter with the Lithium as the 300 mg pills are extended release. I don't really know how that works. The 150 mg pills are capsules, so that's a no go for the pill cutter.

It really is crazy how difficult getting off of legal medications can be. And oddly enough, I think I have had a worse time with Lithium than I did with benzos. Some of what I've read says Lithium doesn't even have a real withdrawal syndrome. It does in this body.

Thanks for your input. I am just hanging at 300 mg for a while - not ready to take another dip into the wild world of withdrawals.
Anyone got any fun withdrawal stories?
I have a running joke/not joke about preferring to be a werewolf? (Seriously, anyone’s got the whole instant-heal thing in pocket? Give a girl a shout.)

But I always sorta hope the muscles ripping from bones thing might be that werewolf thing kicking in at long last ;) Just get through this hurtin’ puppy phase & all’s golden. ;)

I figure being hypermobile & prone to breaking & ripping shit... you might know what I mean.
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