Alone and Angry - Night Terrors Again

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Very new to this place, but in a bad way right now. Upon shutting my eyes to sleep all I see in my night terrors come to haunt me again. As a child I was abused atrociously, and at one time I thought I might one day grow out of those haunting days forever. Then last month I had a fall and broke both arms, and all of my old demons came back. I have considered many times in the last weeks to fall back to old cures, but for the most part stayed away. I am at a loss right now on how to sleep and how to supress the night terrors!!
:sleeping: i have nightmares for last seven months and the night does get better and i find they now go in cycles. I have tried music and sleeping pills but when the body is ready it will take over. I wish i had some magic powder because i would share it. Hope you canfind that place of rest.....mj
I think if you try to suppress the dreams or thoughts, they will only double in strength. Personal experience (time and time and time again) has proved this to be all to true.

It sounds like when you were at a very vulnerable point, stuff came back up. How did you break your arms, if I may ask? Something about the accident may have triggered something in relation to your trauma.

I encourage you to read the threads under "Sleep Management." Also, as you feel ready, read the public trauma diaries to learn about the story and struggle of others.... that really helped me not feel alone... and don't hesitate to post if you have questions or feel at a loss. We wouldn't judge you!
I agree with Nov. I found if I try not to dream, get myself so exhausted I'm barely able to think straight, medicate whatever, I usually end up with worse nightmares then if I let my body ridem out.

I know that on a normal night I will wake up at least once in a cold sweat. I know this, and I accept that it is what will happen. My nightmares are getting a little better (I actually sleep through a couple of nights a week)

I just write down what I dreamed and remind myself that it isn't happening now. I might burn my notes to symbolically let them go, but I like to let myself disect what I dream and how it makes me feel

Of course, there are a lot of nights where I can't think straight let alone write.
i have the same problem but what i tend to do is try to focus on reading a movie playing games on the computer..
if you have a trusted person that you can call talk and talk but to laugh with...
i go till i am so exhausted that i callapse into sleep..the cold sweats etc...its hard but i try not to focus on it and try to look at it as if here i go through this phase for now...though i do reach level where popping med to relax my body down does help a tad....
if there was a magic pill i would love one to replace my meds though....
but hang in be strong...warm hug
I just wanted to say thanks for all the comments I have received thus far, sorry replying so slow, new to all of this online stuff, thanks again.
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