Has anybody tried this? I have a veteran work colleague who swears by his machine and let me use it ... Actually it really did seem to help, although it could have been the placebo effect.

I did some research and nobody's really sure whether it works or not. But it does obviously help some people, although, again, it could be the placebo effect. At $800, I'm not going to go running off to get one, but I am interested to know whether anybody else has any experience with this.


An article for anyone who wants to learn more about it...
Has anybody tried this?
I've never tried it - I just went straight to TMS. My opinion would be that it doesn't penetrate deeply enough to make significant change in condition, but this could be one where the placebo effect is actually the value. Neuroplasticity tells us that the ways we use our brain will physically effect neurological function. Using a device that focuses energy on a specific part of your head will likely mean that you focus on a specific part of your brain (in your mind's eye), and if you're visualizing it 'helping' - even if that 'helping' is undefined - you can reap positive rewards.

It may be possible to get a very similar effect with a really nice scalp stimulator of some kind - scalp massage, or a low-effort manual scalp massager.

I might be talking out of my ass, though.


It could be like a device i read about years ago. It was being used by a doctor in the Caribbean to treat heroin addiction. Most of her patients who did well were musicians, like Eric Clapton.
The reality of the device was it stimulated endorphin production and since those are more addictive than even heroin they replaced it and then they weaned off the device once their addiction was not active.

If it's a commercialized version that may be where effects come from, endorphins are powerful and very good pain relievers could simply cover some of the effects of PTSD.
Have there been studies of long term use? My fear would be stressing system A to reduce symptoms of problem B. If system A fails, you are really in trouble.