Other am I being too sensitive?

I've been living in a neighbourhood where a large part of my trauma book place many years ago..I have been living here due to my SO and it has caused my mental health to spiral and its starting to worry me..I am beginning to worry for my life. I have been talking to my S.O about moving (a lot) and lately I have been feeling neglected by them, it feels like my wellbeing has taken a backseat in their list of priorities. today I asked them how it seems to be okay for them that I am so unhappy with our living situation due to the fact that I live in a neighbourhood where I have a lot of traumatic memories... their response was to say in an irritated manner that I have trauma from most neighbourhoods in the city we live in... this hurt me deeply for a few reasons.. 1. this is simply not true this is the only neighbourhood.. 2. it confirmed that they don't care about how its been affecting me.. 3. I seem to be asking for help over and over and it's become a futile attempt at getting help. 4. it was extremely insensitive of them to say this to me.....

am I overreacting? I feel deeply hurt but I don't know if I "deserve" to. it felt as though all my opening up and trusting this person has only led to them being annoyed with how my past affects my present. I feel very alone and I feel somewhat abandoned in a way.. my brain is screaming at me that I shouldn't have told them anything ever, that I shouldn't be here and that I am to blame..


Do you have a therapist? I find that my therapist has helped me a lot in sorting this kind of relationship stuff out. One time she told me, “people get mad at people that get cancer. It’s not right, but it happens.” Ptsd is hard for everyone.