Am I Just Avoiding or Is This Legit?


So, I wanted to go back to get my Master's Degree. I applied and was accepted at University A. I'm supposed to start next week. It's a distance programme, but I have to go for 3 weeks 3 times a year. It's about 5 hours away from home. I haven't paid yet.

While I was waiting, I lost the acceptance letter. Then, I heard about a completely online programme for the same Master's Degree from a more well known University B. It starts in March. Cost for the course will be about the same by the time I factor in accommodation, travel, etc.

I want to go for the second one--University B. Am I just choosing the "safe" choice to be able to do it from home? Because of Covid? Or does it make sense? I have to decide by tomorrow (Monday, 6 December) because I will have to pay by then if I take the first university A.

I don't want to run away from life and usually I don't. I'm in the public eye as the principal of a large private school (700+ children). I'm not scared of the academic work. However, my trauma happened after I went to college. I'm scared of being in a totally different city where I don't know the main spoken language. (The classes will be in English.)

Please just let me know that someone understands.


I understand why you're questioning your own motivations. I do the same thing, often. Here's how it looks, to me -

Will university B's degree carry more weight (be more valuable), since it's a more well-known institution? I'd think that it would - and if it does, then choosing University B is the better way to go.

It's good that you can recognize there's some feeling of safety in choosing the one that won't require you to travel, and now that you know that, you could look at ways to challenge yourself to start getting a little more outside of your comfort zone. But you don't need to make your Master's program ALSO accomplish that, if that makes sense. The degree is for the knowledge, and the avenues for advancement it will open up. Choose the program that will serve that best.

That's my thought - but I'm curious to hear what you think of it.


i don't know how well i understand, but i, too, waffle like crazy when confronted with life-changing option lists. avoidance? legit? depends on which hour you ask. there will be pros and cons on whichever option i choose and no guarantees, either way. where's my road map?

when i get to the wire and still don't feel clear or confident on which to choose, i consult my "EDM" (executive decision maker). i flip a random coin for each of the options. "heads" is yes, "tails" is no. oftentimes i find myself arguing with the executive decision and discover i had stronger preferences than i had previously thought. i let those stronger preferences trump the executive decision. sorry boss. the heart goes where it goes.