Am I not suited to talk therapy?


I believe you are in a very harmful therapy relationship. The fact this therapist thought it was a good idea to do therapy with someone she knows makes me think her training is extremely lacking. I'm so sorry you are caught in this painful transference with the wrong therapist. You are. Ei g tossed about on emotional waves in a sea of transference with someone you knew for 3 years. That's just wrong.
My advice is to find support elsewhere and quickly. And I know from experience that this something you dont want to hear or do. Those giant sized childhood emotions are so demanding and really painful. I do feel for you. Hang in there.


I'm also worried about how your T started their relationship with you.

You might not want to hear that.

But, it might be the answer to your question. I.e. it's not that talk therapy isn't for you, but that the dynamic in this theraputic relationship is complicated and started off in a way that in unethical for a therapist to start.