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I've amended some posting policies, and re-worked the notification content accordingly. If you haven't broken a rule, you won't even notice the difference. If you have been issued notice(s) of rule violations in the past - they are rewritten, make sure to read them if you get them. Of course, better to not get them at all...

Adjustments to rules
MyPTSD has four rules regarding posting and post content. We do not allow:
  • Personal attacks against other members or guests
  • Self-promotion or advertising
  • Active suicidal posting
  • Copyright infringement
These are outlined more fully in the Community Constitution - what we mean by them, and why we have them.

They carry penalties. We use a points system. If you break one of these rules, you are issued a warning via the private messaging system. Those warnings have been re-written to clarify the points assigned to the infraction, and the consequences that come from points accumulated. Over the next few days, I'll add a series of short posts to this thread addressing each rule and how we determine whether it's been broken, or not.

One rule that is no longer a 'rule'
We previously had a rule against 'Duplication of Content'. Now, the issues covered under that rule are re-framed as best-practice policies.

The issues themselves haven't changed: We still ask that members:
  • Post their question or response in one place, not many places.
  • Use the Introductions forum to welcome new members, instead of profile pages
  • Use the quote functions provided by the board, to improve everyone's reading experience.
If you forget one of these policies (or are new and still learning the site), you won't receive points or a warning; instead, you'll be sent a notification (to your inbox), outlining the best-practice and offering suggestions for how to follow it.

These simple changes are meant to improve the user experience.

The rules are rules because they have real, negative consequences for the board and it's users. Policies are just that - policies - and can be maintained with a softer hand.

Other guidelines staff follow, and enforce as needed
There are other posting guidelines that we will continue to follow, albeit informally. Things like:
  • Using paragraph breaks for readability
  • Responding with some amount of text (however small) instead of only an emoji
  • Putting topics in the sub-forums they are best suited to
  • Making sure thread titles provide context/information for the thread
  • Recognizing the value in diversity - of opinion, experience, even communication style
  • Respecting the authority of staff when they are performing in their official capacity
  • Generally adhering to MyPTSD's stated mission and values
These are enforced to differing degrees. We are more hands-off in the diaries than on the topic boards (as an example). We address these issues only as far as is necessary to maintain the board in an orderly fashion.

Like I said, there will be a few more posts on this topic coming to this thread over the weekend. Then, if it seems useful, I'll open it for questions.
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