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An Eye Opener - Thank You - Reading Spouse Forum Helps Me Understand

Discussion in 'Supporter Discussion' started by mumtofour, Dec 9, 2006.

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  1. mumtofour

    mumtofour New Member

    I started reading in the spouses chat just out of curiousity and found that my marriage is/has gone through very similar things.

    I am the spouse w/PTSD and reading the posts in here has given me such an understanding and an eye opening view of what I am/have put my husband through.

    I have a had a rough week and I just said to him last night, can we just date, I dont want to be affecionate anymore, I need you to back off, lets just date. And to hear others have/are going through this, I realize that YES, my PTSD is affecting my marriage. Wow! I did not realize this, as elementary as it sounds. Reading the posts brought my actions to reality. Seeing my actions from a different perspective has opened my eyes.

    I told my dh about this section of the forum and encouraged him to come here and vent and get support when I am having difficulty controlling my PTSD. I hope he comes here and is able to vent.

    Thank you all for sharing your hearts and lives!
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