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Discussion in 'Anonymous' started by Ehet, Jan 8, 2018.

  1. Jijo

    Jijo Guest

    I am finding it difficult to know what to do with my anger. I have never actually channeled my rage into full-blown unkindness towards others, but instead, tried to express and/or release it by speaking my truth, albeit often in an extremely cutting way. But I am becoming more and more frustrated, especially at knowing how others invalidate anger.

    I have tried looking in this forum for thread or sections where people can discuss their anger issues but I can't. This feels invalidating, like I am being shamed for my feelings all over again. I am trying to help myself. Perhaps I just haven't looked in the right places. If someone could point me towards this, that would be helpful. Because this forum has so many members, there are lots of threads seem to either get few or no replies, which isn't particularly ideal.
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  3. Ijan

    Ijan Guest

    Hi welcome to the forum. Try looking in dysregulation. I believe there could be post to read there. Hope it helps.
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  4. Ubot

    Ubot Guest

    Dealing with anger

    And, an older one, military-specific:
    Ptsd + training = extreme anger

    Like the poster above pointed out - our forum sub-sections are organized by symptom grouping. Anger would typically fall under dysregulation - though you can also search the General area, and you can look for anger as a keyword in whatever subforum of the trauma and stressors area that is specific to your trauma. I’d also suggest searching the polls.

    Threads that are over a certain number of years old with no new activity are locked - but you can always start a new one, or request that one be re-opened.

    Anger issues are really very common around here. Not everyone with PTSD has anger as a primary dysregulation, but it might be fair to say that at least half do.
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  5. Cigel

    Cigel Guest

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  6. Olinad

    Olinad Guest

    Hey just so you know you are far from alone. I get triggered by people that lie in my face or who are supposed to love me but really judge me I'll tell you! I too am very honest and forward while trying not to be harmful but it makes people think I'm super intense and back off from me. This makes me more angry and feel like everyone is my enemy. Feeling like this alot lately. Feel like I must isolate myself before I really slap someone smh
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  7. Afog

    Afog Guest

    Hi @jijo.... I don't know what happened to you but I know all about anger.
    When I started having flashbacks... I would shout, screaming at strangers.. Especially when I was out and about on my bicycle... Many many times I got into trouble... It was mostly men.. I hated every man I saw.
    But I learned anger attracts anger.

    Anger is a powerful, strong emotion.. And should be expressed.... I tend to use a punch bag or exercise, or scream into a pillow now.

    Now the fact that you know you are being cutting with your words with others shows you don't mean it...you have self awareness....

    Maybe try throwing plates and letting them smash... I buy from charity shops... It is a realease.. And maybe that's what you need to do.. In your own ways... The ones that you enjoy. Please take care..
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  8. Gasib

    Gasib Guest

    Recent studies on anger indicate that the more you vent your anger - scream, punch, throw things, etc. - the stronger the neural pathways for anger get in your brain, and the angrier you will get.

    It's been suggested that mindfulness might be more helpful. Realize you're angry, put a name to it, feel it, and then let it pass.
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  9. Ipak

    Ipak Guest

    It’s a training thing.

    If you train yourself to yell and hit things when you’re mad? Yep. You’re going to yell & hit things when you’re mad.

    If you’re training discipline? Be that mindfulness or martial arts, what you’re training is exactly that. Not wild uncontrolled unleashed tantrums, but a leveled & controlled response.
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