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Another Date - Flashbacks And Crying!

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Well.....went on a second date. We were at his house and later in the night )after I had drank way too much) I started crying, having flashbacks, felt stupid, still feel stupid. He was very understanding but I still feel absolutely humiliated!
Don't feel stupid Pandora. You have been through a lot so it is understandable you will have times when you don't do as well as you would like.

Personally I would suggest avoiding alcohol on dates if it makes you over emotional.

You've got to be in it to win it so well done for going.
I'm glad you felt comfortable enough to go out with him for a second time! Good for you! Please do be careful though, with the alcohol. You may sabotoge this relationship before it ever really gets off the ground. Plus on only a second date do you really want to be so drunk that you can't think clearly if you need to get away from him? IMO you made a simple mistake. No biggie...so, feel stupid if you need to and then learn from it. That said, I'm happy he was understanding. Maybe a third date can be during the day on a weekend with minimized chance for flashbacks. (Mine seem to trigger mostly at night).
I agree you shouldn't feel humilitated! if he is worth the effort you are putting into this then he will see it as how big a step you are taking for HIM! he will see that you have a hard time with things.. yet you are trying your very hardest to get past them to get to know him better!!
Well........actually am at a barabecue at his house, much better less alcohol, meeting his friends and his sister. AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH
That's GREAT! Third date! I hope your meeting went well, and that his friends and sister are nice. I admire your courage, since dating isn't something I can really think about yet. LOL.
Third date? Good for you! Agreeing with others about the alcohol. It tends to loosen everyones emotions when taken in excess.

But if you're meeting his friends and family...wow, that's great.

Enjoy your guy. You sound happy.

Thanx everyone, it went well. i also told him about this site just to get info. I had a really bad flashback at his house, I didn't really tell him what it was until yesterday and he said "well maybe i could have intervened" so it looks like he is open to helping if and when needed. Hopefully that will never happen again, i am keeping my fingers crossed and I hope not too optomistic but I felt really embarassed. it took a lot of courage for me to go back yesterday, like a lot!
it sounds like all that courage is paying off though!! for yourself personally as well as for the relationship!! Keep up the good work and enjoy yourself!
I think anyone who can accept your flaws is a good catch. I think this one is a good guy. Go get 'em! :kickass:
Thank You....UUUUGGGGG Dating is so hard espesially when you have so many skeletons in your closet!!!!! Well, i heard this somewhere before "If you have skeletons in your closet than you might as well dance with them"...i sure am dancing as fast as I can right now!
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