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Hey guy, how are you all (hopefully well all things considered with this condition). I'm 33 and suffered a traumatic experience about a year ago which caused me to have EMDR treatment but I'm still suffering consequences, sadly it has not fully dissipated and has actually become more salient again. I'm just here to browse around and learn a bit more and maybe relate to others walkgin around with similar stuff, hope you are all doing good also in these trying times! Greets, Kirbs


Welcome to the Forum! I'm glad you have found us so "early" in your struggle with PTSD... Getting one step ahead.. ANY step ahead is a step that has taken many of us many years to take is going to make all the difference in your recovery!
There is so much info out there now that we didn't have when I was your age👍🏼😊 Especially the Forum!

Blessings of peace and light to you and yours!
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