Anxiety at Car Dealership


I am looking at used/new cars. Or, rather, I've been thinking of looking at them. Because I have really bad credit (a whole 'nother story), I had to find a reliable place to get a car that would help me with financing. Not an easy task.

So a girl at work suggested I call this one place and I looked them up online, putting in a pre-approval application. I was pre-approved, which I mostly think means "this person isn't destitute - or quite - so we'll drag her in here and see if we can sell her a car." They called me, I made and appointment, and I'm picking up the car tomorrow.

Oh yeah. I left some stuff out. :-) I spent 3 hours at the dealership, talking cars and financing and warranties and trying to keep my shit together. Seriously, I have NEVER felt the kind of anxiety I felt talking about getting a car. I physically *shook* while there and had to excuse myself to go to the bathroom and cry 3x. I tried texting 3 people for support and my sister-in-law finally responded. The anxiety made sense to me; I've been really struggling financially, but also struggling with a very unreliable car, so there have been a lot of ambivalent feelings surrounding even the search for a car.

But I think there's more. I've been having a lot of intrusive thoughts - I'm not good enough, I'm not allowed to have this because what if it's too nice? They have been frequent and, along with the anxiety, sometimes debilitating. I have had them before, but they have been so much more intense the last few days.

Any suggestions for managing the physical effects of anxiety?


You are good enough, you deserve and need good transportation. It will be ok. Somethings that help with anxiety are taking magnesium since it calms the mind body and spirit and taking ginseng to get rid of sticky negative thoughts that loop. Speak positive truths to counter the negative thoughts and do things you enjoy. You are a treasure and worth taking care of and loving. <3 Talk to someone one too, if you don't have a counselor, many churches offer it free. Best do you dear! =)


Thanks, @KimmyO! I have finally gotten past the throwing-up stage. I bought the car and picked it up today. I really like it. No idea how I'm going to pay for it, but one step at a time, right? LOL


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