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Anxiety increase from Covid vaccine?

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Has anyone that had the moderna vaccine had a spike in anxiety symptoms? Can an mRNA vaccine affect nerves/anxiety in that way?
I will say YES! But it could be a coincidence. I had my first jab on Sunday and now I’m finally feeling better. I had arm soreness, a bad headache that lasted a long time, and anxiety.
I’m not sure with me. Not sick with first shot. Second shot brought on constant body aches and fever 10 hours in. It lasted 24 hours. Then the fever went away in the day and came back on the following night. I’m sitting here wondering if my increase in anxiety is a side effect of illness fears or if this shot has reeked havoc on my nervous system as well. (I still support the vaccine, but getting through this part kind of sucks).
I definitely encourage everyone to get the vaccine and to just go I’m into it knowing you may get some sucky side effects. I am fine with the side effects because they don’t involve breathing problems (from what I’ve heard). My huge fear with COVID was the breathing issues. Breathing difficulties are a huge trigger to me. My worst nightmares involve drowning/suffocating. I was one of those people who started wearing masks before my state mandate (which was before most other states anyway). At the beginning, all I could think was “if god hates me, this is how I die”. Being on a ventilator would set my healing back so much. I guess all of this is my way of saying that a few days of feeling like crap is much better than getting COVID.
Got the vaccine. Most of the side effects are from my own catastrophizing thoughts but I was pretty sore at the injection site for a few days.

As for masks, I need to but my stress from wearing one is out of bounds because of the stress it creates, and with a recent upswing in numbers here not wearing one is not good and peoples reaction isn't good either so I found a thing called a mouth shield that rests on my chin, has ear loops and a clear plastic cover over my mouth and nose and fits under a regular mask but doesn't touch my mouth and nose. Its good enough I don't get too wound up wearing it.
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