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Anxiety Medications

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Anyone receiving anxiety medication that actually works to relieve your anxiety?

If so, please share with me which medication and dosage you are taking.

I've not had anything that has helped me, except for one time when I was prescribed low dose Ativan/lorazepam. However, that was a one-time thing and before and after all doctors would prescribe is Atarax / Vistaril which I have been telling doctors for years does not work for me.

I have intense anxiety and panic attacks and need some relief. I see my new psychiatrist tomorrow maybe he will prescribe something different for me. Anyway, I would still like to hear about what works for you.

Thanks in advance,
Anyone receiving anxiety medication that actually works to relieve your anxiety?
The best med for my anxiety has been venlafaxine/effexor XR.
Quite a bonus as the main reason we tried it was for MDD, but I suppose there are some overlapping neurotransmitters.

Because of its impact on my anxiety, it's also been the med with the biggest positive impact for my Essential Tremor (double bonus).

I was on the max dose (375mg split as 225mg morning and 150mg midday) for about a year. Recently I've tapered my midday dose so that it's now 75mg and I haven't had any overall worsening of anxiety/depression (flare ups have been localised/situational stuff and no more powerful than in the past).

I should also note I take mirtazapine (15mg) as one of my night meds, which has a synergistic effect with venlafaxine (a combination they call California Rocket Fuel).

Venlafaxine especially is notorious for being difficult to come off, although despite my general medication sensitivity, tapering has been surprisingly smooth so far.

Venlafaxine does take a number of weeks to experience noticeable effect, and tapering up the dose was not a fun experience (though I was inpatient so they were able to step it up much faster than you usually would), so I'm not sure how practical it is as a trial and error type anxiety med, but it certainly has helped me. :)

I've also tried lorazepam, clonazepam and phenibut (GABA derivative), but the rapid tolerance and dependence (to the point of addiction, unintentionally; it was through administration by someone else) is definitely something to stay very wary of, and for me they've never been particularly helpful long term because of that. But as a PRN approach for panic attacks occasionally, they can be a helpful tool and I do still have some PRN to use if I need a little extra help.
Thank you @bellbird I will ask about venlafaxine / Effexor XR this afternoon when I speak to the psychiatrist and perhaps the mirtazapine as well.

....after doing a little research I discovered Effexor XR is used to improve Major Depressive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, and has been shown to improve Fibromyalgia disability and chronic musculoskeletal pain. I have all of these things, so Effexor may be the best medication for me.

I can't wait to talk to my doctor about it!!! Thank you for sharing!!! ?

I have an unexpected 2-week wait to see the doctor, he called in sick today.
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I'm still wavering on whether or not to stay on Seroquel. Ppl around say they've noticed some improvement including my T, says I was deer in headlights again this past Tuesday after being off two days, had noticed much calmer week prior (after about two months on and titrating up). Jury still out.

Clonazapam .5mg, taken PRN has been a lifesaver in bad situations. I've never been prescribed it daily and have no urge to take it more frequently. Only when symptoms are overwhelming. My Dr only gives me 15 at a time and those last about two months, sometimes more. So he's not concerned about it being habit forming.

If you want something in the benzo family as a rescue med maybe ask about a small quantity to alleviate any concerns your Dr may have about potential misuse.
Thank you @StormFront I used to take clonazepam, but like I said I have really only had success with Ativan, perhaps I can ask the psychiatrist for 1mg tabs of Ativan to be taken on an as-needed basis. I will see if he will go for that when I see him next. Thanks for the suggestion!!!
Have you ever tried a mood stabilizer? An antipsychotic?

Here’s my list of meds. They all help with anxiety. It took a few years to find this combination.

Ativan 1/4 - 3/4 mg as needed (my doc prescribes 1 mg pills). Taken for anxiety and agitation.

Trileptal 300 mg / 2x a day. Taken primarily for mood stabilization but it also helps with anxiety.

Gabapentin 300 mg / 2x a day (most people take it 3x a day but I’m ok with taking it only twice a day). It’s an anticonvulsant like Trileptal but not so much a mood stabilizer. I take it for anxiety.

Geodon 10 mg / day. This one is usually prescribed multiple times a day but I only take it to kill my evening anxiety and help me sleep. I also take a very small dose (1/2 of the smallest capsule) and need to have it compounded into a liquid.
I would love to have a small dose of Ativan for my anxiety because I know that it works well for me. I used to take Gabapentin for Fibromyalgia but couldn't tell that is did anything to help my anxiety. The other two; Geodon and Trileptal I have no experience with at all but I will discuss them with my doctor. Thank you for your reply.

I am happy to say that the good doctor has started me on Effexor as per my request which was according to the doctor reasonable. I am happy to get the opportunity to try this medicine. Thank you @bellbird for bringing this medication to my attention.

Also, I forgot to mention that I can continue to take Wellbutrin with the Effexor so I am not giving up anything.

I will also keep the other meds that were mentioned in mind for future reference.
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Can I ask, how do you even ask for prn s without coming across as an addict? I'm asking because my new psych has decided I to take me off seroquel as it's not that affective for me but I was given a small dose to use as a prn? When I asked about a different prn to use he said the treatment for severe panic attacks is cbt. Urgh. He's not a fan of benzo s but I find 5mg in severe cases is a life saver. Ive only used 10 this year so im out but i feel dismissed when I ask.
how do you even ask for prn s without coming across as an addict? I

^I suppose there are a few factors. Firstly, does your doctor know you thoroughly and are they confident that you are not going to misuse the prn dosage? Not saying you will, just asking if that box has been ticked?

Secondly, what is the drug that you are asking to use as prn?
- If it's a highly addictive drug, chances are that few doctors would feel confident in prescribing prn except in very particular patients and specific circumstances.

- In any case, regardless of the drug most doctors, acting in your best interests, will monitor any prn drug closely because if it's not working or you are using it too frequently then another type of drug, another dosage regime, or alternative treatment might need to be considered.
I first told my Psychiatrist that I would be working with my therapist on coping skills for anxiety and I asked... I said, "I want to ask you about the medication Effexor. I heard it could be helpful for anxiety and panic as well as fibromyalgia," .... is that something we could try???" He thought my request was reasonable. Though it is not a prn but to be taken daily.

I also totally agree with what @blackemerald1 has said.
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