Anxiety over School

I get it. . . The economy needs to get going again. But schools re-opening? We are going to sacrifice our children's lives and put our teachers- who already earn peanuts- on the frontlines? As a teacher and parent, I cannot fathom. I'd rather be jobless. So much anxiety over this
I know that educating our kids is important. But to put childrens and teachers lives at risk by making them go back to school when it isn't safe yet is unacceptable.

If you're the parent of one or more kids, their's nothing worse than losing your own child. I would hate to see that happen because they reopened schools too early.
My thoughts exactly! I'm opting to keep my children home to remote learn, and I'm considering taking a LOA or retiring. It breaks my heart that we are prepared to risk the lives of so many innocents just to reopen the economy
I know the economy is important.

But try having children and teachers get sick and pass away from the virus because schools were opened too soon, and then try telling me that opening schools too early is somehow a good idea.
I agree. Fully. We are considering kids' social emotional health, and, yes, if it were safe, the best thing would be for them to be back with their friends and teachers.

But what happens when children and teachers die? What about the social emotional effects of that?

I cannot go back to the classroom. I cannot. Too much uncertainty. I think too many ppl who are not teachers do not understand


Nothing comes without risk in life. Kids are more likely to die in an accident than coronavirus. Granted you don’t want to be that 1 in 10000 that does but you have to live life unafraid.