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Anxiety snowball

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I am overwhelmed. To many things happening. I did something stupid at work today and could get in trouble for it. It seems my anxiety the past two weeks just keeps ramping up and now it is getting to be to much. Between work and home I just don’t feel well. And one area feeds on another. Any advice of how to get my mind to settle and how to quit making things worse for myself?
I am walking into some overwhelm myself these days. I try to go for comfort when overwhelmed. Like carrying around a thermos of hot water that I can sip on during the day. I have a heating pad I turn on when I am at home and just sit and enjoy the feeling of the warmth. A cozy blanket or big warm slippers. Do you have comfort things you do? Things that don't require your brain at all but that allow you to focus passively on how nice it makes your body feel?
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One of the many things that is bothering me is how quickly I tried to hide my mistake at work. I don’t like that part of me. Instead of admitting I made a mistake. I made the whole thing worse. I instantly panicked and tried to hide things so no one knew I screwed up. But, then trying to hide things was bothering me so I try to fix it. I feel like a child trying not to get in trouble. I am an adult I am able to admit my mistakes and fix them. But nope I dug a huge hole for myself
My system is finally settling down. I have finally slept and that helps. Still have that feeling of this inner unsettled feeling. I have been here before. I am able to keep myself from getting as sick as I did before so I am going to think of it as progress.
that is progress, definately. Glad you are feeling better. You should be proud of yourself that whilst it is you that is struggling, it is also you that is able to apply the coping and grounding skills to yourself. That's a big achievement. 😊
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