Anxiety, thoughts spinning, fears - New meds, adult kids, feel lost at what to do sometimes..


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Not really sure how this site works?? So, I did an introduction, so now I am in here...not sure if I'm in the right place. This sites seems kinda all over the place...I posted in another thread, but then noticed it was an old one that no one has posted in since summer??

Anyway, was feeling so much anxiety tonight over adult kids and their drama's, again! They set me off every time. I try to be there for them, but some of their behavior is so difficult to deal with sometimes...I feel lost at what to do or say sometimes. Anyway, just venting, I think my meds are starting to kick in...I'm kinda glad...I just started taking antidepressants, did not want to for years, but finally 'gave in' to try them because I wasn't sleeping anymore and staying up night after night with crippling anxiety, thoughts spinning, fears, etc. Anyway, thanks to whoever is 'listening' here.
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gentle empathy, unikone. i hate it when i have to admit my mother was right, but she always said, "little ones, little heartaches. big ones, big heartaches." seems like the older **i** get, the smarter **she** gets. sigh. . .

i wish i had easy answers for both of us, but i don't. my eldest son is 42 and homeless. i don't know which is worse, being solicited for another round of the beggar's-business-as-usual or wondering if he is still alive when i don't hear from him. my youngest son was not doing well when he and his wife were killed in a traffic accident, leaving me the inheritance of his 3 young orphans to raise. how horrible is it of me to wonder if god was blessing us in removing them from the children's lives?

"let go and let god" has become the mantra by which i remember my adult sons. another sigh. . .
rocking you gently and crying with you. . .