Any Ideas/Suggestions For The New Sexual Abuse Forum?

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Legal issues and the partner's forum are great ideas. I had originally wanted a section for partners or parents or any loved one that needs to cope with the sexual abuse of someone else.

I do not want to allow any sexual abusers on the forum ...even if they are also victims. I can't do background checks of course, but if someone admits to being an abuser past or present..this is not the forum for them.

Nic, I want to leave that up to the person joining. If someone feels they were sexually abused, they were sexually abused. The forum isn't for judging the abuser, but for helping the victim. If we don't believe it was abuse, that really is not up for us to decide. If the person feels victimized or effected in a negative way by the sexual content or act, I want the forum to be available to them.
A place for spouses, parents or anyone trying to help someone else makes a lot of sense. I see the danger in too many subdivisions, but I think this is one place where it might still make sense to allow the partners a separate space of their own. To be frank, some of us are in a sexual relationship with someone who was sexually abused, and that's probably not quite like any other relationship...we could use a place to sort out feelings about it without fear of triggering any abuse victims. I guess that's what I was suggesting.
I think that general information areas should be public. Meaning that if a "child" or anyone under 18 came on the site - they would be able to verify that what they are dealing with is indeed sexual abuse and to validate that there is assistance out there. (A section on how to get help if you are in an abusive situation currently would be great.)

However, I am concerned about letting anyone under 18 to actually join the site as it may be too triggering, and too much for them to handle without any outside support - which they may or may not seek out.

I think moderation is also key. Unfortunately a lot of predators will seek out sites like this to serve their own purposes. If you don't have moderation - it can get ugly fast.

I want to thank evergreen and lovewins for being willing to take this on. It is definately needed.
I think everything sounds good so far. I especially agree that maybe a general information page or forum about types of sexual abuse and how to get help would be good for kids under 18 so that at least they have an idea where to get help and some validation of their experience. I would also like to suggest adding ideas for coping skills to the Resources/ Information part. I know I had little to no coping skills when I initially began dealing with this and not everyone is in therapy when they join. Just a thought. Thanks to you both for taking on this task :smile:
Whe could create a reference link for underages. With information about what sexual abuse is and how to get help. What to do, who to call etc.
Another suggestion is that we could have a flag for threads that can be triggering of found to be triggering by someone that read it. Just so that we know before opening the content.

I think the Carer section could actually be named "Suporters". I like the idea someone gave about a forum for partners. I know could be another division but sexual issues are comum to the sufferers and the Partners could share ideas about that more privetely. Friends and family in general does not need to know about this kind of information in details, if you understand what I mean.

I'm very interested in this especially from a carers perspective. Maybe I missed it, but would parents and carers be in the same subdivision?

I am excited about the possibility of a section for the partners of those of us that were abused. Especially, if it was private to only them - I might could talk my husband into joining. A place for them to share their frustrations and to be able to assist each other with ideas etc. would be wonderful.
How about a section on how to tackle meeting people and relationships? I avoid meeting people and can't do relationships, although I'd like to be able to meet someone nice one day.....
I like the idea of a place for partners of sexual abuse only. It would help sufferers know that their partners could ask questions without fear of how their sufferer would feel. It is a very different thing than being a parent or friend.

I also like the idea of flagging possibly triggering posts. I would like to see a legal area as well. I am still new but I will think about what I might want from the forum.
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