Any positive help for PTSD and Prazosin HCL - Concerned about weight loss.

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I am a grieving mother suffering with "Complex Grief" for almost 4 years since I lost my son. The PTSD associated with this is profound and frequent. I have had a terrible reaction to a prior medication. I have had trouble gaining weight, as I am not often very hungry. The first medication made me lose a couple of pounds a week. It got to the point where I was just barely 100 lbs. and I am 5 foot 7 inches. I am very concerned that this medication may cause weight loss. Has anyone had any issues with weight. Because my weight was so low at that time, my family doctor considered sending me to the hospital, as she was concerned about my organs shutting down. I'm just at 108 pounds right now as it is harder to gain weight than to lose weight. Thanks for any feedback on this issue.


I'm not on it but in web searches there seems not to be any weight gain or loss problems. I hope someone who is on it can answer as well...


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I’ve not had any issues with it with gaining or losing weight! It just helps me with my PTSD trauma nightmares and stuff. I can actually dream normal stuff now and not relive trauma or have messed up trauma related nightmares!
I’m currently on Prazosin, and have never had any problems with it making me lose (or gain) weight. I haven’t seen anything on the general side effects that suggest it effects weight either. For me it helps with nightmares and the anxiety around going to sleep.

Anyway I was thinking, have you ever discussed with your doctor about nutrition drinks? They are 200ml milkshakes with a lot of vitamins and minerals that can aid in weight gain if you’re struggling to eat enough/keep weight on. A couple I’ve been on are called Ensure and Fortasip. Might be worth looking in to if you continue to struggle with weight gain, just a thought though (:

Best of luck in your journey