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anyone else on med withdrawal right now?

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funny you should ask---As of yesterday I'm detoxing from cymbalta and it's already being a beootch.
And nope --people don't get it.
They think "but that med is supposed to help, why are you getting off it?"

uhmmm... because it made the situation worse?!
And now I have at least two weeks of withdrawal to deal with - and that's gonna suck

And you get that look.
The "oh it can't be that bad" look.
No. :( it is honestly sad not that we should dwell on this part but it's overall sad.

Is there any known ways of helping the transition. In some ways it's improving because doc is withdrawing for a reason. It made it worse.

But when I'm sobbing because I'm in fibro pain I really need help lol
Ugh venting. I feel like a chameleon freak right now. My speech is affected. My feelings. My thoughts. My mood I already want to take a crying break. No crying. But wow. Ugh. Yuck yuck
doing an extra long cymbalta withdrawal myself right now. It was supposed to have good effects and bad effects, maybe the good ones are just new normal or whatever but given the option of upping a dose or dropping a dose I choose drop because it is harder and harder to feel any good and the bad tags along every day, all day long. I think it is being easy to get off of because everything is being warmed over by daily doses of a benzo with an extra boost when needed.
Getting off the benzo a few years back was a real bummer I remember, but after being in both worlds I choose the benzo one and am back on it for the duration or until retirement when standing next to the bed shaking with nightmare adrenaline at 1 in the morning doesn't screw up a workday at 4:30 AM. It has side effects too, but again, new normal.

My best break from the pains of withdrawal has always been hot tubbing, got me through some rough episodes with some rough drug withdrawals.

My truest most empathetic sympathy to you both, it is a truly crappy experience. I don't need sympathy for mine, it isn't that bad, and I think it will pass more or less unnoticed. Sadly, that's not true for everyone or for every drug or any of the many many combinations. Take a soak if possible, not a bad thing at any time.
I'm still going thru the symptoms. But I'm also experiencing some positives but in general experiencing a lot over stimulated etc.
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