Anyone else shut down and feel low energy every once in a while?


Does anyone else feel like shutting down and not talking to anyone for days? I feel that way often lately. It isn’t that I don’t like anyone, but I feel like I need a break. Only I don’t get a continuous break because I live with my boyfriend. I think he would understand me if I brought this up to him but I don’t want to alienate or hurt his feelings. And above else, I don’t understand why this happens for weeks and I can’t seem to get passed it. I get burned out easily - maybe I’m conserving energy or saving what little I have to myself.


yup, i feel like that at least once a day and feel better when i consciously let myself do so under the moniker of, "self care." denying myself the time to rest and gather my wits has a way of spiraling off into some genuinely psychotic places. inside my strictly personal skin, i see my therapy breaks as being at least as important as solid nutrition and sleep hygiene. my hubby did, indeed, take it personal early on, but 40 years later he often offers to cover for me when i need a self-care break on the hectic days. he's even started allowing himself the same luxury. he's a much more reasonable fellow when he takes care of himself.

it's okay to be human enough to get tired and confused. love yourself enough to accept and work with it.


Haha! Once in a while! I feel like this frequently! As far as I'm concerned it's just normal for people with mental health issues and ptsd. If your run down and low on energy then it's only natural that we shut down and conserve energy for just the important things.


I have this all the time. Even when I'm wanting contact I feel like this. It's common and it can be managed. It would certainly be worth you discussing this with your partner so at least they get to understand it's nothing personal to them it's just how it is and also help you push through it


I take 2 hours every day to be by myself. Lately I've needed more because of huge physical and emotional stressors. I view it as part of my self-care and let people know that I am unavailable during those 2 hours. No one takes it personally and I don't end up needing days of isolating if I have my alone time every day.


PTSD is very energy intensive. Especially when paired with therapy that involves reprocessing. Energy is hard to come by for me especially with Addison's disease added in the mix. Go ahead and get checked out by your doctor. Full on blood tests looking for anything that could cause a lack of energy. Start there because if something physical is wrong it will add to your problems.

Apart from that learn the Stress Cup (click on Articles above - lots of great stuff there) and take the time you need to manage that stress because its the thing that tires you out, powers your avoidance, and so much more. As for talking, sometimes I think I spend more time talking to my T than my wife. It's OK though, she has learned that a hug says a lot sometimes.


have this all the time. Even when I'm wanting contact I feel like this.
Ditto!!! I’ve always loved people, but with PTSD in full swing it’s a lot harder, I get tired more easily, and even when I really really want human contact, I second guess it because it’s exhausting (even just thinking about it sometimes).