Anyone know of a ptsd video chat support group?


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Anyone know of a ptsd video chat support group?

mom needing to break chronic isolation cycle and start making some connection with others

cptsd has been fairly managed for years. I am a 31yo single mom who works from home and has habitually limited my social interactions for so long that I'm stuck in the chronic isolation long haulers trap. Im currently noticing that I am back in a rut and falling behind on housework, self care and have allowed myself to get to ZERO socializing.. something needs to change. Therapy is a given I know all the coping skill but the socializing part is completely foreign to me. Aside from exchanging messages a few times a week on fb with 2 friends I don't really speak to anyone. I am hoping to find a social support group of friends online that video chats regularly together.. zoom meeting or something like that. I spend day after day isolated to my home only interacting with my kids.. Only leaving home to attend appointments , grocery shop, run errands, take my kids places ect. I would like to stay home and start with a virtual safe space with others like me to socialize. I also can never ever ever find a babysitter so I truly am confined to home. I am self aware enough to know that I need to take some baby steps into this or I will set myself up to retreat back to isolation. Any suggestions on apps ? facebook groups ? open virtual mental health support meetings ?

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There are a few Discord servers, generally they tend more to be on written chats and voice chats. I do like it so I don’t have to engage visually. You can look in servers directories to find the ones that look welcoming.