Anyone taken Cymbalta/ Duloxetine?

Been on it for about 6 months, hard switching at first from zoloft, only 2nd one I'm on. Helped lowering chronic pain by 2 points or so, not sure how well it works, since I have problems identifying my mood until I'm well under water, and the I think I'm still treading on top. I was going to try a different one, but life interfered, I had too much going on to add something else to the mix. Also freaking covid and 2020 makes it hard for me to judge. Id say it's been about 4 months since I felt I was under/treading water.


I've heard it works great for a small percentage but my doc and I decided not to use it because it can mimic fibro....which kind of defeats the purpose of using it for fibro 😁

Fibro can make you really sensitive to med side effects - I always have to look up the "rare" ones because it never fails that at least one wil show up when I try a new med.


Cymbalta was my first antidepressant, and it worked extremely well for me. Some side effects, but for me they were tolerable. It was the foundation of my medications until around 4-ish years into it....and then it seemed to stop working. Turns out, that's the thing with Cymbalta - you will become too used to it, after a while. Loses efficacy. But - that 'awhile' is typically after 3-5 years.