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Anyone watch National Treasure? Help...

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Okay fellow PTSDers....

My husband and I are hooked on National Treasure. However, it comes on at the same time as Hell's Kitchen (which we are hooked on too). We usually record one on TIVO while we're watching the other one and then just watch the recorded one later. Usually it's HK that we watch later but for some reason we decided to watch that one and record NT (we have the TIVO set to record both) but it didn't record it!

Please DON'T tell me what happened....I don't want to know the outcome. I just want to know if there's another showing of it that anyone knows of - i've already checked Bravo and they aren't showing it. Or if anyone has a recording of it and can figure out a way to get me a copy, I'd be so appreciative!

Hope you all are having a great day... mine has started out well, but I go to the Dr. today and all hell could break loose (it usually does)...

Take care!


It's a reality show loosely based off the movie, National Treasure. Actually, I got the name of the show wrong (which shouldn't surprise anyone who knows me!); it's called Treasure Hunters. It's a reality show in which teams of 3 people travel all over the US (and world, I think) solving puzzles and gathering clues to find a prize of $1 million. Pretty interesting and fun, especially when watching the dynamics of each team. I find myself sometimes screaming at people there when they do something that's so idiotic...kinda like when I'm driving down the road too.

Oh well...I have two choices: look online at the blogs and boards to find out what happened or wait until next week.


Arghh!! The last post was really from ME...Kim. I was on his computer and didn't know he gets automatically logged in...

Not open for further replies.