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Aowyn's Mental Imagery

Discussion in 'General' started by aowyn, Jan 12, 2007.

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  1. aowyn

    aowyn Member

    This is an imaginery journey down a road. Take in the sights, sounds and colours, just like a video camera recording all that lies surrounding you. Survey the scene, noticing whatis far off in the distance, the background surrounds, the weather, the season and a total image of what you view. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Try to visualize it as a picture on a canvas, but with movement, sound, colour and emotion. You are the surveyor on this journey. Draw your journey on paper if you desire, as it often shows clearer results, then attach your drawing via snapshot or scan to your post.

    Q1. What colour is the road?
    Brown/tan, with tall dark forest of trees close to road
    Q2. What texture is the road?
    Dry dirt, slightly bumpy
    Q3. How solid is the road?
    Depends on the weather, solid when dry (right now), muddy and slippery and difficult when wet

    You continue walking and come to a river that must be crossed. There before you is the river; the size and depth are up to you. You cannot go around it but must imagine a way to cross it. Whatever you need to cross the river is already within your mind, just imagine seeing yourself do it.

    Q4. How do you cross the river?
    A raft and a rope stretched across
    Q5. What does the water look like?
    Q6. How fast is the water current?
    Fast, but not like flood waters
    Q7. Is there anything in the water? If so, what?
    Rocks, old trees

    You have crossed the river and continue walking. You come to a house. Take a good look at the house. Notice the impression it makes on you.

    Q8. What colour is the house?
    Brown, logs
    Q9. What condition is the house in?
    Good condition, in woods, very plain log house, seems newer
    Q10. Does anyone live in the house? If so, who?
    Sometimes, can't tell if anyone is living there now, seems empty although there is a small light on

    We continue forward in our minds journey and come to an open field. A cup is on the ground, and we stop to examine it. The cup can be of any size, shape, colour and description. Focus on it's look, condition and contents.

    Q11. What colour is the cup?
    Grey, tarnished tin
    Q12. What condition is the cup in?
    Dirty, dented
    Q13. Is there anything in the cup? If so, what?
    No, just some dirt residue

    You continue walking down the road and come to something blocking your path. It stops you in your tracks and prevents you from going forward. This is an obstacle.

    Q14. What is the obstacle, and please describe it in detail?
    Huge fallen tree
    Q15. What do you see beyond the obstacle?
    More road, but sunny and open, running upstream along river
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  3. aowyn

    aowyn Member

    Now you have had a break, go back to every question and look at your response. Try and find what you feel that your mind presented the image it did. Explain colours you chose, textures, water, cup, solids, liquids, space, objects, people, anything and everything that you wrote from your projected image, try and find what you feel to why you have that image. Don't look hard at things, instead try and look for the easy answers, as they are often the correct one's. Don't attempt to find something that isn't present, just look at each aspect for its absolute simplicity.

    This is not an absolute, but something you must do in order to try and self analyse yourself. This is important. Please answer what you can, and simply define if you cannot find an emotion to a response you gave.
  4. aowyn

    aowyn Member

    Oops can't go back and edit.

    This is hard. I think maybe it's a dirt road because the condition of it can change? It can be stable one minute and slippery the next depending on the weather. The forest is obviously dark and thick I would think due to fear. The light is dark as well and the sun starts to take over somewhere around the river/house and is brightest at the field and beyond. I guess that's pretty obvious too, bad times/good times.

    The river and getting across it is dangerous, but it looks pretty. I have to build a raft and pull myself across with a rope...did someone put the rope there or did I? Maybe that's me having to do some of the work myself, but needing help too.

    The house I don't get. I almost feel like it's a place where people can just stay along the journey. Almost like a safehouse along the way. It's set back a ways from the river in the woods, hidden a bit. Slightly dark in there, but not as dark as earlier.

    The field...bright, breezy, beautiful, golden grass blowing...I've been wanting to get away to the beach really badly! The cup...reminder of my marriage, my life with him, what happened...dirty dented discarded damaged (how's that for d words!)

    The barrier...the sun is bright but the huge tree that is blocking fell from a group of trees along the road and they cast a shadow. I'm thinking this means there will be things to deal with even when I am finally 'free'. There's some room under the tree that I might be able to squeeze under, but I'd need a step up to climb over it, or I'd have to go around/behind the trees in the field to the left and I can't go right because the top of the tree hangs over into the river (the road goes along the river, maybe danger is always with me?).

    Beyond the tree is really bright sunny road...although I can't see where it goes, I just know that's where I need/want to be. Maybe there is an ocean there...that's where I'd like to be. :)
  5. anthony

    anthony Silently Watching Founder

    You feel depreciated by a secret you keep in regard to a person of authority within your life who you feel controls you, telling you what to do even, and are finding life moderately difficult at present. You are aware of losing control within intimate relationships which you approach with little control, certainly not as trusting now as you may have in the past. You are wondering “what is normal” within intimacy! You are in denial of having good support systems, likely due to being depreciated, unappreciated, with low self esteem though a spiritual outlook. Commitment has victimized you, confused you as such, though you are very aware of being lied or deceived within commitment. Your significant issue at present is the feeling of being victimized from your past, and life itself even. You are optimistic about the future, which is a very positive attribute.

    Aowyn, what can you tell me about the tree falling? Imagine you see it occur, like a movie, explain the surrounding, the tree when upright and the falling process, just like you could watch if video'd.

    Aowyn, what can you assimilate with now knowing your subconscious mental state?
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