Appalled at myself


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Along with this site I also belong to a forum that focuses on suicide, this morning I read a post from a suicidal man who stated he was a repeat sex offender. I am feeling conflicted because I have been on the edge like that and know, however I also had to leave before I posted a terrible reply, I mean I almost told him to do the world a favor. I dont want my past to turn me into some bitter and angry person but I dont know how I should be feeling right now.


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Is there a way for you to hide the thread? Or honestly, could also be a troll trying to get a reaction, or could be true, or anything in the middle. Who knows. But it's the internet.

I don't think there's a way you "should" be feeling, like I've been mad at people for less controversial posts, just stay out of that thread, or even off the other forum for a bit til it goes away?


I think you have something to be
proud of . ‘Almost’ is a really powerful word. It’s what makes someone - for example - a perp or not.

we are ALLOWED to think and feel how we want. It’s healthy to recognise it and know when not to convert those feelings into actions.