Applied for work


Ok, so I'm actually getting so much more done since I've been off work. The level of stress has gone down so much - I still have stuff I'm trying to deal with, but I never thought it would be this much better.

It's taken me 3 months, but I finally applied for 2 (well...3 really) jobs that I can do at home and I actually might enjoy. It was very late last night when I applied, so no idea what if anything will come of it, but...I did it!


^His loss my friend. Hang on in there and keep applying. Hold onto your faith it will be ok. :hug:

I guess I don't have faith that it will be ok. It's not the job - I mean, I don't have an income right now but it really is the least of my worries. It's the disregard. And the *constant* disregard by authority figures or professionals or people I am depending on.

I was thinking about that yesterday and today. I am, for example, in constant pain - sometimes severe - because I can't get any doctor to help. I'm isolated way more than I ever used to be and it's not because of the virus, it's because people treat me like I am invisible and don't matter.


That's great, whiteraven! So glad to hear you are doing better! I know, we all need a breather sometimes. Hoping for the best for you, and for peace. I know it's hard and too too much is going on that is negative and fearful. What has helped many are the following: Taking magnesium and ginseng will calm your mind body and spirit and get rid of sticky negative thoughts that loop. Magnesium malate and/or oxide are best, citrate will give diarrhea. Take it in the evening and your will sleep much better! Also, stop watching news. There's nothing you can do about it anyway. It is so sensationalized and hyper fear mongering that it is causing many to fear. Get outside, at least 30 min. daily without sunscreen to get your vit. D which improves mood. Take a good multi every day. Take walks, there's something spiritual about them and they help us work thru our anxiety and problems. Help others, it will help them and you, and get your mind off your own problems. Breathe deep pushing out negative, even using your hands, and draw in peace and thankfulness. Write out the positive, even in the midst of negative, so it balances out in your mind. =) Blessings!