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I made an appointment for next week to see my healthcare provider. It's taken me 3 months to make this appointment; the last person I saw at this clinic was condescending and hateful, and I just couldn't go back.
Make sure it’s a different person. Listen to yourself about disliking the last person and walk past them. Respect yourself and get someone better for yourself. Hope you get someone good and get better soon.
It's really positive you made the appointment.
Are there things you want to say or do you know how you want the appointment to go that you can write down or tell them?

I recently had a health appointment (at a place that was geared up for survivors of a particular trauma, so granted that made it sooooo much easier). They encourage a plan from the patient and they spent time with me going through my plan of what I wanted (to the detail of what words they should or shouldn't use etc). Having a plan and knowing what I wanted and didn't want, really really helped. And I got through the appointment.
Sharing in case something like that helps you.
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