Policy Enforcement
My name is mike after much emotional pain and massive amounts of fear i dug deap and discovered i was not conciously yet emotionaly SUBCONSCIOUSLY UNCONCIOSLY ingonito holding hurt dear to my heart concerning abuse giving lead way 4 all kinds of demonic attacks keeping entry openings 4 all kinds of desires 4 unheathy relationships inviting the enmy unwillingly into my life leaving me circiling spirling feeding the cyle of hurt since this discovery i have given the hurt to my god jesus christ rediscoverd rediscovering who i am whos i am have hopefully processed the past 4 the last time redefinig my moral code belief systems understanding that i have a spirtiual purpose it suchs to always wake up in fear to not know who you are to not know how to feal or why your thinking what your thinking wondering how your soul is going to end up on the up and up if it wasnnt for something biggrer than a human being i would be lost again