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Architecture School - What Does Everyone Think?

Discussion in 'Social' started by batgirl, Oct 29, 2007.

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  1. batgirl

    batgirl I'm a VIP

    As most of you know I am a comic book artist, but you might not know that I have been designing floor plans and buildings since I was a little kid (I started drawing rudimentary plans around age 6). I have also designed furniture and all the renovations Dad is currently doing on our house, and our neighbours like the renovations so much that they are asking me to design something for them as well! I really enjoy making floor plans, I taught myself drafting a few years ago.

    For about 6 months I have been thinking about going to school to become an architect. There are 2 schools in the eastern part of Canada, one in Halifax, Nova Scotia and one at McGill University in Montreal. I don't want to travel any further west than Quebec as I want to be close to my family. I have completed about 90% of a university degree in Fine Arts, only need a few more credits to graduate, and that will help me with architecture. Obviously I have to wait until I'm physically well enough to go, and who knows when that will be, but I am excited about the prospect of doing this in the future. The only problem I foresee is that I am not very social, and architects do have to deal with clients. Anyways I'm just interested what everyone thinks? Do you think I could do it in spite of the PTSD? I'm really excited to try.
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  3. She Cat

    She Cat Policy Enforcement Banned Premium Member Sponsor $100+


    YOU are a remarkable person period. Weather you have PTSD or not. You are talented, brave, intelligent, and gifted.

    What do you think?????? That's the important question here....

    You know that most of us here will say YOU GO GIRL!!!!! But how do you feel????? I think I already know the answer, but need to hear you say it.....

  4. hodge

    hodge I'm a VIP Premium Member Donated

    That's really cool, Evie! I like drawing floor plans, too. Perhaps not all architects have to deal directly with clients. I would suggest looking for websites of professional architect associations or even schools of architecture, even if they're not the ones you would want to go to. I would think some would have a place where you can email in career questions like yours. I have a friend who's an architect. He works for a city and he has to deal with his coworkers mostly. Oh, and electrical and plumbing contractors sometimes, I think. I would find out what professional job opportunities exist for someone who isn't keen on dealing with people, perhaps jobs inside a firm or even a city or something in which others do the "people work." Keep us posted!!
  5. cactus_jack

    cactus_jack Well-Known Member

    Do it! I'm backing you up on this! Nothing ventured nothing gained!
  6. Damiea

    Damiea Well-Known Member

    go for it!!! don't limit yourself on what you see as something that "might" prevent you from doing the best job you can! remember you can alwase hire a secritary! or even work for a building company who would deal with cliants rather then you.. you would just have to deal with maybe one person from the company to discuss details. Its a great idea and I would think it offers a wide range of possibilitys for you!
  7. becvan

    becvan Queen of the Blunt! Premium Member

    Yes I do think you can do this despite PTSD. Once we are healed or mostly healed I believe that with the right coping skills we can start to live our lives again.

    I don't think that we can just go back to what we were like before (for you before PTSD people.) We need to fine tune our skills at managing our stress but we can look forward to going back to school or work.

    You might want to consider a lighter workload, alternative living arrangements etc.. to do so..

    However, I think this is very do-able once you get on your feet physically! I know I'm planning on finishing my school!

  8. pandora

    pandora I'm a VIP

    if your symptoms are in control and you have lots of support....go for it. I may have to go back too with this injury...you Bec and i all in school...we sure would need supprt from each other then!!!!!!! Just get strong physically first. You can do it.....OH god...can I....ha ha I think i started to panick a bit. UUUGGGHHH
  9. batgirl

    batgirl I'm a VIP

    Thanks so much everyone for the support and encouragement, I'm happy to know people are behind me in this and believe in me. I find it hard to share my "dreams" publicly, and right now I consider this a dream. My main issue is not so much wondering am I smart or talented enough, but the PTSD symptoms, will I be able to interact with others, will I be able to be away from my family and live on my own, and so on. It does seem rather daunting in that sense. Maybe I can take some of the courses by correspondence, though I know I won't be able to do that for the entire degree(s). Good to know Pandora and Bec that you will be eventually going back to school too, that would be cool if we were all in school together at the same time and could therefore support one another!
  10. Claire

    Claire Well-Known Member

    Hello Evie, I think its a great idea. Over here a lot of the bigger companies would have account managers to deal with the clients. You'd be left alone to come up with the fun stuff! I think you should go for it. Whatever company you end up working with would be able to see where your talents lie.
  11. Marlene

    Marlene I'm a VIP Premium Member


    If this is something that you want to do, then I say go for it! There are so many things in life to do and to find something that you really want to do, that's great.

    You know what you can handle and what's too much. Colleges are universities are used to tailoring schedules for their students these day. It's no big deal.

    Good for you.

  12. kers

    kers I'm a VIP

    I definitely think that you can do this, if you choose! Of course, you'll want to plan it carefully to make sure you stay healthy. But if you were physically healthy, set up a support system locally (people you know, mental health treatment, etc.), and were careful to take a small courseload initially (because things will still be so new), I am sure you would do great!

    The other thing I would suggest is to find an architectural firm or an independent architecht near you. Many professionals, after some initial phone or e-mail contact with you, are willing to be shadowed for a morning or a whole day or more. That gives you a chance to see the day-to-day activities involved in the profession. This is how I found my career, by the way!

    Dreams are wonderful things. And knowing you can achieve them can bring such a wonderful feeling of power and capability.
  13. batgirl

    batgirl I'm a VIP

    Thanks again for the replies and really great suggestions. I think if I do end up going I will need to have everything tailored to what I can handle. I like the idea of going to an architectural firm for a day Kers. I think I might enquire about firms in the city, and maybe by the next time we go in, I can spend a few hours at an office!

    It still does seem very daunting, not only going to school but going to school away from my family. I guess I did that when I ran off, but that was different. I was in survival/avoidance mode and I'm not anymore. But thanks again everyone for the encouragement, it does inspire me to keep thinking about this.
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