Are these good for coping with body memories? Anyone else got any good ones?

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I'm having body memories and I find that applying pressure to the area helps. Nausea( pressure on abdomen) ect. Anyone else have any


Yup. Usually pretty not good when it happens. It's only in the one area (right eye) but it can get nasty.

When it happens I usually bomb it with medication and get some rest. Letting it keep going on just builds worse and worse.

If you haven't already done so, dig into the Articles on the top bar, especially the Stress Cup article. Truly the best way of managing symptoms is learning to manage stress.


Definitely things that ground me. Depending on how the body memory is effecting me, I like to go to grounding activities that use my body in a different way.

Taking the dog for a vigorous walk, with a carefully selected playlist, getting into the garden (even if it's just pulling weeds, that one works a treat for reason), or cleaning something (kitchen cupboards are my go-to).

If it's just too overwhelming? And I'm too distressed? Then I also go with the medication and bomb myself out option. If I can, I try and make sure I get into something comfortable, and put on some relaxation music softly in the background, so that I can really amp up the feeling that I'm at least trying to be gentle with myself.
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