Poll Are You Artistic?

Are You Artistic?

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Hi, I was wondering how many people here are artistic. If you vote yes, list what sort of art you do. In my mind, art consists of writing, drawing, painting, photography, film making, wood-working, sewing, sculpture, music...

If I've left anything off, please feel free to add it when you list your art of choice!
I said no. I've always wished desperately for some kind of artistic ability, but it's just not my forte. I've tried drawing, music, dance, photography, pottery...and I'm terrible at all of them! At least I can appreciate the fine work genuine artists can create.
I've enjoyed sewing since I was in High school.Although motivation is a problem at the moment! I've just brought a very cute dress pattern for my Grandaughter to see if I can get motivated by doing a small project.

I made my Daughters Wedding dress and Bridesmaid dresses 3yrs ago.

I enjoy singing and have had 13yrs classical training.
I voted no. Can't draw, write, sing, play an instrument, or chew gum and walk at the same time.

I got left out in that dept......
The benefits and products of trying art forms

I am very creative. I love to mess with all forms of art.

I am not good at some things! But, for me its not the product but the process!

I found in a hospitalization that I really responded internally to art therapy. It was a way to connect with my inside emotions that I struggled with finding them. So after the hospitalization I went out and got differents art supplies. But I couldn't do it alone. I couldn't generate the focus of a project that would dig into my entombed feelings.

Next step, I found an art therapist. Few and Far between. I've been going to her for over a year and it's been a great addition to my process of healing.

As I said - I can really suck at it. But there is always the garbage or the box in the garage to put/hide them in. There are some types of art I would love to be good at and keep trying but it was not meant to be.

I am good at clay hand building, making bead/gemstone jewelry, writing, mosaics, drawing with markers, etc.

Keep exploring different forms if you do not feel you are one of the chosen artistic geniuses.

Here is an easy one for anyone! Make small signs with important personal mantras on what ever material you want and hot glue decorative buttons to the sign. Simple and easy. I use small wood plaques and stain them, hot glue "beach" theme buttons or sea shells to it. Voila
I love to quilt, but my work is abstract. My quilts don't look like perfect ones in books or anyone else's work. I have a hard time going by someone else's pattern without changing it to reflect Me. I can't do someone else's recipes either; I change some part of it, or I make up my own recipes and I hardly ever cook the same thing twice the same way. Luckily. husband is a good sport.
What a powerful (and almost triggering) question for me to answer.

I will keep to the point though.

Yes, I am artistic. In the past I have painted in oil and watercolors, drawn with all medias, taken all sorts of classes (on my own time-not interfering with my "role in life"-oops, got off track there. sorry). I have crocheted for years, used to knit. Tried to sew, but I grew out of the outfit before I finished it (lol-really!). Acted in plays for years (dramas and musicals).

I will still draw when I am alone, away from home, at the lake-somewhat at peace. With my son and husband, but away from everyone else. Out of judging eyes. The only thing I "paint" now are the walls in my house.

The reason this may be a little triggering is that, when I was young-I LOVED art!!! I would do it ALL the time. I sent in one of those art tests in the back of a comic book-"to see if I was talented". Well, they did call-and my mother got rid of them. She set me up with private art lessons at home every week for a few years. But, all this talent was to be generated for my "spare time only-and THAT was understood". I wasn't to pursue it in life. No art classes when in school-or art majoring. Had to take "business courses to be a good secretary". There was no place for art in a productive life. To this day, my heart aches when I think about it.

My great nephew is graduating from high school this year. He has been drawn to art for quite a few years. His mother and I are the only ones to encourage him to pursue it. The rest of the family looked at it as....a stupid hobby. Well, he is doing something I would have loved to do-he is going to architecture school next year. Besides having a small bit of regret, I'm so much more than just proud of him for having followed himself-and not listen to what I had to hear.

As sad as this poll makes me, I have to say I am very glad to have answered it.

Thank you

I think I understand your pain. I was an exceptional ballet dancer as a child and did very well acting in theater and writing stories. My mother made me stop doing all of it. She used to rip up the poems and stories I would write and put them in the trash.

I ended up dropping out of school during the 11th grade and I have no college degree. I'm not blaming my mother for this but I do think that if she would have allowed me to continue to excel in the things that I was good in, I would have stayed in school and probably pursued a career in the arts.

I checked "yes" to the poll. I taught myself to write poetry, I studied via online forums and read a lot. I have published poetry in various lit journals, but to this day I'm still sad about the lost opportunity that I could have had.
"but to this day I'm still sad about the lost opportunity that I could have had"

My oh my, that says so much, so very very much. We grieve.

I give you a lot of credit for not placing blame. You are much further ahead than I. And I don't know if I will ever be able to reach that point.

But, by your getting beyond the placement of responsibility, you have grown into an accomplished writer. Yes, accomplished. To have anything printed in any journal, shows accomplishment. You didn't let your "lost opportunity" remain complete lost. You went out and grabbed some of it back. Whereas, I still find it necessary to hide it.

Feel good about how far you have come--Kudos to you!!!