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Art Therapy: Share your art?

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I do art therapy with myself on occasion to help process things or express intense emotions (though that's been a little hard lately with dissociation). I was wondering if anyone else would be ok sharing some of their art therapy pieces and talking about it? Just was curious to see how others express themselves when it comes to this sort of thing, I tend to be overly literal in my own work. I'll go first to get the thread rolling.

Just messing around but this is me with the feelings burning around me.

I love nature lol
I decided to sketch yesterday randomly and I'm like holy crap oh yeah I love to doodle draw paint etc. 😆 used kids crayola pencils and now I'm thinking of setting up an easel


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I have structural disassociation. I'm the one on the left, I have an inner child, a narcissist (mirror image of my dad), and then my main personality. The one on the right is my dad. I suspect he has some form of trauma splitting as well, I know he's a narcissist, but he's not had a psychological evaluation, so I don't really know what all mental illness he has, but he's not a good person, he abused me and my family.
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