Art therapy - share your work here

I am an artist. A few are in my media. I also write poetry. I don't think I write good poetry but it is one of many ways i express myself. I have posted them here and there on the board but i'll see if I can gather up some written ones or link a few of the posted ones.

ETA: I agree that art heals. Or helps in healing. Its the expression where words fail.
One of my drawings.


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A week ago, I made this Soul Collage. The surprising aspect that arose in the process, was my progress: deep down, in the darkest and hardest time of the year, I have finally done enough healing, and found a way to be in the lonely, beautiful forest. Discovering and surrounding myself with the right kinds of support (depicted by the gemstone icicles and frame) nestle me in joy.


Thank you for this thread, for all the joy and pain and growth we can share through art.
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A week ago, I made this Soul Collage. The surprising aspect that arose in the process, was my progress:...
It's amazing the healing that can be found in art, even when we least expect it. Beautiful collage.
Welcome, Emily. I paint mostly abstracts, too. I think your avatar painting is great. Would love to see...
Thank you. I am new to the site... Is media a forum?
Hello. Emily, here :) I have Complex PTSD and, aside from conventional therapy, I write and do all di...
Hi there. I have Complex PTSD too. I art journal A LOT. I graduated with my BA in Art last semester, and A LOT of my art focused on the multiple traumas I've endured. I'd love to share my things, and especially see and hear what others have to post! I find art journaling extremely helpful. I feel that the most important things in life are the most difficult to say because words cannot do anything but diminish them. I do write poetry as well though. Hugs
So many of our members are artists. They've learned to express their pain/shame/grief/anger onto canvas or stone, through the lens of a camera or a keyboard.

Having been told by my art teacher in grade five that I had no talent and nothing intrinsic to draw from, I decided to focus my attention elsewhere. Frankly, it was a relief in a way. I was too full of shame to ever want to expose any piece of myself to the world, even when the world was just my classmates.

Now, curiosity has gotten the better of me, and I've begun creating. I find carving deeply satisfying, regardless of the outcome. I love taking photos (although I'd feel much better about it if I could find my camera), and I'm writing. Stuff. Just stuff, but wow, what a powerful outlet!

I have recovered enough to share my attempts. My need for perfection has begun to recede, thank goodness. For the first time in my life, I can let go of something when I know that it could be much better.

Anyway, now that we've lost Media, I was hoping that perhaps we could share some of our work here. I would also love to know how you, my fellow members, got started in your artistic paths. Also, how did you overcome your shame in order to share your work with the public?