Other Asian Racism, droughts and Fire Season in this area


I crammed in a few personal stressors in the title as the combination is just the tip of the iceberg with several other themes increasing in this geographic. I have immediate family members that are considered Asian and there is definitely an uptake on violent hate crimes of 150% according to respectable statistics in my surrounding areas. Generally the targets have been against the Asian Elders or women with children of late as some of the recent attacks are now escalating against restaurants, store employees or owners, civil service, police personnel with fatalities from Asian Hate Crimes. As many of us know, it only takes one of those moments to change one’s life forever,

I try to shrug off most news as sensationalism, praying for the victims involved as well as for protection for all (such as my family). However, the danger is real and present at this time with targeting certain areas and just random day shootings in many of the local parks (tipping gang points). The vast reasons for inexcusable hatred & violence against anyone at anytime appears to be increasing along the fabric of this microcosm society until it is almost thread bare from the strain of veiling.

Then there is the drought here with production of food falling behind water government‘s considerations as revenues for this State and area are higher within the potential of other growing of a certain crop. I am not being political nor shading the value of cannabis but when actual food in agricultural, farming, ranching communities ect starts to increase in price here as supplies are low…it is only a matter of time before an escalation within the chain of supply (shortages) fall elsewhere.

I am watching my family, families and friends loosing-their livelihood, business, ranches, crops, livestock, environmental concerns with/for wildlife, land erosion, homes, barns while property after family generations of building…is pieced off to the highest bidder. As well, less crops because of water shortages or restrictions means less hired as workers (with their livelihoods changed) and the homeless cars now line many back-road arteries.

This leads to our fires and the drought in this area. No rain equals dry rivers, loss of ponds, dry stream beds, little water in reserve…we are in a quagmire strategy for putting out those fires and on full alert. Today, the smell of smoke from a neighbor city’s (now just contained fire) placed my stress cup to the point of this honest rant.

Acceptance (not the same as approval) of what we can not change is important but somedays are harder watching so many suffer in life. Thanks for listening.
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