Assault Assault in the building I live in


Two nights ago, an assault occurred right outside my apartment door. There was a woman screaming, "Help me! ... Call nine one one." I did call, of course, but did not open my door. We have video cams in our building, so this is all been recorded. The building manager said that the woman would need to be hospitalized.

This whole thing has been haunting me since it happened. First I just get a feeling of alarm, then the whole incident grabs my mind and won't let go. After my mind is able to put the memory away, (with out my telling it to) for a short time I am free, until the feeling of alarm returns.

I have in my past been assaulted before as well as raped. Im sure this is being stirred up by what happened two days ago. My next Pdoc appointment is two months from next therapy appointment is in two weeks from now. I am all messed up by all this.


you are safe behind a locked door, right? I would take some solace if this was a domestic dispute between two people that knew each other. You never say anything good about an assault, but if this was between two people with a history and you aren't involved you did the right thing and that's probably the end of it. The asshole was on video so is probably in county slam about now. You, on the other hand, did the right thing, are safe now, and will be free and safe going forward.
It would shake anyone, right outside the door like that.


@Changing4Best Sorry to read this happened at your building. Is your building pretty secure? Have the police apprehended the attacker? Unfortunately, we cannot control the evil or criminal actions of others, but we can do our best to minimize our risk of assault. I don't know if there is a tenant association, but perhaps they can address basic safety issues and there are always things you can do for yourself. I hope you can find some relief from the unease and the ruminations this has caused.


Is be scared and anxious aswell. Hopefully they caught the person and it's been dealt with. As bad as It was, It wasn't directed at you so try not to worry to much.