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Assault On A Registered Sex Offender

Discussion in 'Assault' started by Lucycat, Feb 21, 2012.

  1. Lucycat

    Lucycat "Wisdom begins in wonder." ~ Socrates ~ Premium Member Donated

    In todays news , in Scotland, there was an article about a paedophile being assaulted by a man local to him. The story is that the 53 year old male sex offender had served a sentence for having consensual sex with a 15 year old boy who pretended to be 18.

    A villager seriously assaulted the sex offender and all the members of his local community supported him, congratulated him and said 'well done'. The man has been convicted of assault and jailed for 11 weeks.

    The assaulter alleges that the sex offender had groomed the boy for some years prior to the offense. However the judge condemned him for 'taking the law into his own hands' when it was consensual sex with a boy pretending to be 18.

    My personal thoughts on this is that although the assault is criminal and wrong, I feel the judge is trivialising the original sex offense. Clearly the judge in the original case must have thought it was important to have place the man on the Sex Offenders Register.
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  3. Freedomfighter

    Freedomfighter I'm a VIP

    I used to think differently about these things. It is easy to jump off the bandwagon when faced with real adversaries.

    I used to think that if everyone just did that then we would be in the Wild West. But you know what? I am being stalked by people who could only be stopped like that. I mean these people do not give a crap about the law, they don't care about themselves, they don't care about innocent people.

    I now know that if it would ever come down to it I would be ready to take out the offender, in any way possible. I do not mean to talk the offender down, do you know what I mean?

    The aggression and obsessiveness of such people is no match for a law that is written down on paper. If and when I move I will have a very different mindset about what has to happen in order for me to protect myself. And once I am in that location, you can bet I will be armed and ready.
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  4. not LR

    not LR Was lightraze

    OK but he served time and reintegrated back into society and was placed on a sex offender registry, yeah?

    like he isn't just assaulting a 15 year old boy in his house right now, this was a crime that occurred in the past and someone felt it was justified to perpetrate a serious and unprovoked assault against another person based on a past criminal offense that wasn't relevant to the situation. IMO judge was correct, regardless of the sex offender's prior history.

    assault is assault. if the sex offender had to go to jail for it, the assaulter should, too. someone's past actions don't invalidate your own.
  5. Notamorningperson

    Notamorningperson Well-Known Member

    Agreed. But I still don't wanna be anywhere near a pedophile because I might be tempted to use a particular set of skills on them. Maybe that's just a paternal instinct.
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  6. Ronin

    Ronin Dark Wings Premium Member

    I relate, to being tempted. More than relate.

    But consider: It's giving them your precious time & your precious skills. & personally? I don't want to give /that/ to scum. Whenever I'm able to think things through.
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  7. Anarchy

    Anarchy I'm a VIP

    I've got mixed feelings on this one.

    I know that those who were on the receiving end of the grooming are very unlikely to take matters into their own hands or to place them into the hands of others.

    But I'm not sure that having a third person taking it upon themselves, cold and without being asked, helps matters.

    There was a teacher at school who I'm fairly certain was sleeping with kids. I can't be absolutely sure, and I take the attitude that, if those now middle aged men wanted to, they're perfectly capable of reporting.

    I'm also thinking of the wider implications: eg of a male flirting with a teenage girl for a period of time, then her saying that she's 18, and getting into bed... I've not done it, but I know some Who have been there. Hmmmmm! Not good.
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  8. Anarchy

    Anarchy I'm a VIP

    Sorry for slightly ot.
    Lucy, did you hear the bit on the news a few days back about the abuser Who worked for Sheffield council for years, and everyone knew about his abusing, but never reported him or did anything?
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  9. Lucycat

    Lucycat "Wisdom begins in wonder." ~ Socrates ~ Premium Member Donated

    No I didn't! Sadly I cannot say I am surprised though...
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  10. Suzetig

    Suzetig Still the Staff Kitteh... Moderator Sponsor $100+

    I think it's a bad thing simply because it drives offenders underground. In the community he can be monitored and observed, if he is so scared of being known in the community and attacked he may take off, breach his register and disappear. How on earth can that be a good thing?

    Yes the authorities struggle to keep tabs on offenders all the time but people taking things into their own hands isn't a better option. I think the sentencing judge may have minimised the original offence but the offender had been sentenced for that so it wasn't really a matter for the court beyond motive for the attack.
  11. cactus_jack

    cactus_jack Well-Known Member

    Unless the pedo committed recidivism, they assailant should have just left the guy alone. He did the crime, he did the time, and other than the pedo and kid, no one knows exactly what happened. Is it a sick and heinous crime? Yes, absolutely. But the kid is jut as guilty.

    I'm not just saying this, I was in fourth grade when I lost my virginity to a teacher. It took me a long long time to tell anyone, until one day when I heard she passed away because of breast cancer. This was a few years ago. It hurt a lot. I wanted so much to cry for her, but because of my TBI issues crying is nearly impossible. It wasn't just the sex that counted. But she became almost a second mom. And considering my mom's history, that is what I needed most. When that has come up in discussion, people have commented that I should have had her prosecuted to the fullest extent possible. I disagree. I disagree because I may have been a kid, 10 years old I think, but I got what I needed- a motherly figure. When you are a kid and you are going through nightmares, nothing is more comforting than being held close and loved. If she were to be punished I would have to be punished along with her.

    Because the public does not know the intimate details from both sides, the public really should stay out.
  12. Living in the 70s

    Living in the 70s Was Disco Dancing Queen Premium Member Donated

    The fear of retaliation against their abuser is why many girls and boys don't disclose. It is also why families don't want their family member to be charged with sexual abuse. This results on abuse going on for longer periods of time, and for those people to move elsewhere and start it up again because no one "wanted them to get hurt". So other children get hurt elsewhere as that person/sex offender has no criminal record.

    When people self indulgently physically assault a sex offender, they make it so much easier for other child rapists to blackmail their victims in silence. I had a friend whose Father would show her the photos of a sex offender who had been viciously physically beaten and said to her "You don't want Daddy to be hurt so badly? Do you?" He later progressed to saying "You don't want your Father to be hurt so badly? Do you?" So the self indulgent bashers of another sex offender enabled her Father to sexually abuse her up until the age of 19 when she finally ran away.

    People have got to stop being so self indulgent, by pretending to take the law into their own hands. The criminal justice system, whilst flawed, is there to deal with child sexual abuse cases. There is a reason why people study a law degree and do so many years learning and practicing and gaining experience to become judges and magistrates. This is so they can make considered decisions. A Western adversial legal system has it's on procedures and policies. All are meant to be equal before the law - I personally believe in justice and the processes of the courts. Their authority arises from our constitution. Do I think that law reform is necessary? Absolutely - and I have been involved in some small and minor projects. I would love for law students to be taught a unit on child sexual abuse during their degrees.

    My own Father would often posture about "beating them up" and how "disgusting those people are" whilst sexually abusing many, many children in our family and social network. The Catholic Church is still doing this, in real time, right now, whilst apologising at the Royal Commission of Institutional Responses towards Child Sexual Abuse. So never consider someone safe to be around children, just because they beat one of them up! It is the oldest f*cking trick in the book! I don't know how people can't know this. It shows a real lack of life experience, expertise or understanding of the dynamics of child sexual abuse.

    Sex offenders are not dirty old men. They are not "bad" grotty people from another class, ethnicity, lifestyle, country, political persuasion, religion, etc etc other than our own. Sex offenders are upstanding members of our country's instituations. They are in our families. they are in our churches. Statistically, it is likely that we all know some - because 1 in 4 girls in Australia and 1 in 8 boys in Australia are sexually abused before they turn 16. On the whole this is by family members or close family friends (or those trustworthy institutions). When children love/need the parent that they are being abused by, and they see and read about these self indulgent people who are being physically violent or scapegoating sex offenders - well they are silenced. I don't think the relief that someone apparently apparently gets, by physically violent towards a sex offender - is worth the silence of the victims. For God's sakes get off your arse and do CBT or DBT. Use a punching bag! Don't make children who have been or are being sexually abused suffer more!

    There are many things you can do if you really want to stop the sexual abuse of children - but they do require thought and dedication. Like stop the domestic violence, make sure women are respected - paid the same amount as men for the same work, provide services so women and their children don't end up homeless as a result of choosing not to live with domestic violence anymore etc etc. Have a Royal Commission in the Australian Family Court, so women don't have to hand over their children once a fortnight to be sexually abused (I have been watching this one for 30 odd years as well), or risk losing custody so the child rapist/Father has full time custody. This means that the child rapist/Father has full time access to do fulltime sexual abuse. Women go back because they have more chance to protect their children from sexual abuse living with the child rapist, than they have being separated. This, seriously, needs to be dealt with. Rose Batty keeps calling for a Royal Commission into the Australia Family court.

    Doing the real work of educating and changing behaviours that enables and produces sexual abuse takes real work - so no we can't be bothered to do that, we will just go and bash someone who is a sex offender up. It is a ridiculous response - if you even have a basic understanding of the dynamics. The adults are yet again, using the situation to meet their needs, rather than doing what is in the best interests of the children. It makes me sick!

    Most people like to pretend they want to stop child sexual abuse by beating up on someone who is identified as a sexual abuser, which, in my opinion, only helps the intergenerational transmission go from generation to generation, and ironically many of the men who beat up on a child rapist actually are child rapists themselvese - but they are above "suspicion" once they do that. Some of my friends have witnessed that - their Father beat up someone convicted of sexual abuse, whilst continuing to sexually abuse them.

    This whole dialogue enables and supports child rapists - and enables people to tacitly support child sexual abuse by never having to ask the hard questions or make the hard stands that comes with a thoughtful and considered response. I made these hard stands, and I lost everything in my life. So I feel very angry and passionate about these self indulgent cretins who physically violate another human being for their own selfish needs, to be "seen" to do something; to get themselves an alibi for their own sexual abuse of children or because they are too lazy to go to the gym to use a punching bag.

    If even 10% of the supposed outrage against sex offenders were true - then we wouldn't live with an uneducated legal system or a cultural system that has so much sexual abuse of children as a business as usual, daily occurence. Violent against abusers is an alibit for our society - oh yes we are really outraged by this - so everyone now one of us will beat one of these people up - but no we won't actually do anything that changes of the system of enabling and allowing 1 in 4 girls to be sexually abused in their families. It is totally hypocritical. Totally hypocritical.

    Bashing up a sex offender is self serving, self asborbed, selfish,and self indulgent behaviour - that does nothing for any of the victims - but gets a "Oh he is a good bloke? Isn't he?" response. It is time that everyone grew up and actually did something for the 1 in 4 girls and the 1 in 8 boys. Or shut the f*ck up and let the rest of us get on with it. I mean really I gave talks about this at conferences over 30 years ago. People need to educate themselves and stop recycling this bullshit!

    The judge is applying the law. The law is important. Eventually it will reform enough to better manage sexual abuse cases. But this won't happened until everyone stops being so self indulgent around violating the rights of sex offenders - and whilst that continues child rapists will get away with abusing children. When people start acting like adults, and not violating the human rights of offenders, then children will feel safer to speak up about their abuse under the age of ten, rather than waiting until they are in the twenties or the offender dies.
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2017
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