At my wit’s end


New Here
I don’t even know why I’m posting this. It’s not really a question, simply feeling defeated and need to put it into words.

I’ve been getting treatment—EMDR and ketamine therapy—for PTSD, depression, and anxiety for the past three months. I’m starting to feel some life and hope and even managed to get out for a walk twice this week. It’s been brutal and painful otherwise.

I got into an argument with my husband this evening—a couple’s bickering if you will. And it escalated. Only to end with him yelling at me “well you aren’t much of a catch!”

It broke my heart. Not only should a husband never say something like this to his wife but so much of my trauma has to do with ostracism and bullying. I’ve been called every name under the sun and even had death threats in my past. To hear him say that, especially when he knows my past—especially when he’s seen how painful healing and trauma therapy has been—it’s just the final disappointment. He told me he didn’t mean it but, whether he did or not, to say something like that to your wife you know is suffering is unforgivable. I’m not sure what to do. My recovery is my number one priority. Thanks for listening.