Atheist unite!!

Who's heard of the mass delusion that happened - maybe still happening - at the little Bible college in Kentucky?

You know what it reminds me of? The university gatherings in China during the Cultural Revolution, just with God instead of Mao. Both equally incorrect. Both equally dangerous. Both equally evil.


Asbury ended on - I believe the 23rd of Feb.- by the decision of the university because they had a prescheduled speaker coming. His name? Frances Chen. Even most Christians say he is a false teacher. If Asbury was a true revival, could God have simply been turned off on the 23rd? Did God need to book a flight to Kentucky to begin with? This is a controversial topic, especially among Christians. According to the Bible, God is not the author of confusion, Satan is. That says it all. Take a deep dive into this and you'll discover the "revival" was staged and who planned it. I shouldn't even be posting here.


Both equally incorrect. Both equally dangerous. Both equally evil.
naaah, I think its just a case of another hobby getting out of hand. If they arent hurting anyone who cares? Now, if they are driving like idiots trying to get there before it all winds down, well, there should be laws against that.
I saw mass assemblages that lasted weeks in my parents church, it was a way to meet girls that were far from home, I was 12, OK? Betcha the adults were driven by similar motives. These folks dont have trade conventions so cut them a brake, every body likes to mingle.