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Author Bares Her Soul to Help Others Overcome and Understand Their PTSD

Discussion in 'News, Politics & Debates' started by batgirl, Nov 22, 2007.

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    Lady Cerelli's biographical self-help book "My Journey to Peace with PTSD" paints an intimate portrait of post-traumatic stress disorder and offers sufferers a path to healing.

    As a spiritual counselor to abused women for nearly 30 years, Lady Cerelli never imagined that she was actually in the same situation as many of her clients. After unknowingly suppressing memories of rape for years, a vivid flashback in 2003 finally resurrected Cerelli's painful past, forcing her to recognize that she had been suffering most of her life from post-traumatic stress disorder. Cerelli shares her heart-wrenching story, from diagnosis to recovery, in her encouraging, new self-help book, "My Journey to Peace with PTSD".

    Cerelli defines PTSD as "a disorder stemming from a life-threatening trauma so horrific, the psyche could not handle it." Cerelli was sexually abused as a child and later suppressed her memories of a military rape. Her PTSD manifested itself through behavioral disorders and internal anger that made her feel isolated from mainstream society. When the memory of her victimization surfaced in a flashback, Cerelli says the physical pain she experienced, frightened her more than anything else had in her life.

    "My Journey to Peace with PTSD" brings readers the raw truth about overcoming PTSD, from the victim's point of view, not the counselor's. During her treatment, Cerelli found it unacceptable that she could not find a book explaining why she allowed herself to be victimized. "My Journey to Peace with PTSD" gives readers a clear view of how Cerelli's childhood abuse affected her later life choices. By the time she enlisted in the military after high school, the low self-esteem and self-destructive behaviors Cerelli developed as an abuse victim made her a target for rape.

    Cerelli explains how and why painful memories can be suppressed for so long and how she is able to identify victims of abuse through specific speech patterns, body movements and behaviors. For those who see themselves all too well in "My journey to Peace with PTSD," Cerelli included the 10 questions any reader can ask himself or herself to determine whether or not they may be a victim of abuse. "My journey to peace has been lifelong, and I am at peace now," Cerelli says. "But it doesn't have to take a lifetime."

    Source: PR Web
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