Undiagnosed Autist with Bipolar II and ADHD looking to figure out some stuff, so thanks for having me <3


Hey so, I found this place looking around google, I'm here to connect with people like me, since I don't really relate to people already in my life.

For context, I do not have a official ptsd diagnosis, but there's been some speculation from my mom's side, considering my brother has it.
Either way, I'm not here to self diagnose, or blame anyone else for the misery I've been put through, I just want to make sense of the things I'm dealing with, I just want to have a shot at life, that I feel like I've been missing out on.

I spent hours trying to type out my story and feelings, only to break down and not post it, so for now I'll just leave a simple "hi",

So hello! Glad I found this place, and I hope we can heal together <3