Bad Night - Intense Nightmares Last Night

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Last night I had some really BAD nightmares. They were about the loss of my one dog. I think because it happened on Christmas Day two years ago and with the awful situation that caused it this is yet another thing for me to recall. My dog had died at the hands of some very cruel people and I thought I had pretty much healed from it, and this is the first time I was revisited by it in a nightmare. I have to say that this particular nightmare was worse than any of the others I have had lately. I know in therapy this is still a very touchey issue and no I do not go into all the details it's to hard. I think what triggered this one is I was watching a show on TV about Dog Sledding something Blade and I loved to do with my youngest son, so after the show was over I felt ok, but it must have dregged up some feelings that I was not aware of and that could only come out while sleeping. SO MUCH FOR WATCHING SNOW DOGS!!!!
I can relate. i had to put my dog to sleep not to long ago; she died in my arms! it's probably a different situation than yours, but i can still relate to the nightmares about lost loved ones... yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of my wife's death. I'm here, and i'm listening!!
Hang in there, sibemom.

Thank you Josh, I would never try to compare this to your situation but I guess the way it is explained to me a loss is a loss. You know sometimes I feel foolish even talking about it because most people say IT WAS JUST A DOG, yeah well I know that and no this is not what caused my PTSD, but for me it was just the whole situation surrounding it and how this poor creature was killed that yet again stirs up past trauma and nightmares. You hang tough to, now that I am finally starting to feel emotion for others and their particular situations I can offer a bit of support. In fact I am finding that talking with other people about what has happened to them, sure it triggers me, but also in alot of ways HELPS ME. Very soon I think I will finally be ready to WRITE IT ALL DOWN, every last bit that I can recall or maybe I am just a glutten for punishement LOL. Thank you for responding Take care of yourself.
Trust me... i know how close we can get to our pets!! "It's" NOT just a dog!! A pet is like a family member. i admit that my dog dying was nowhere near as painful as finding my wife dead, but it was painful nonetheless! please don't ever think that losing your dog is a small thing... it's a big deal!! my wife's death was not what caused my PTSD, but it sure did make my symptoms much worse!! Please don't minimize your loss!!
because most people say IT WAS JUST A DOG

A dog is NOT just a dog; they are a loved and valued member of a family!!

I'm sorry that you lost your dog because of someone else. My heart goes out to you. We lost one of our dogs like that once, too. She ran off after a bunny rabbit and the next time anyone saw her, she was in a plastic garbage bag that had been discarded on the side of the road. We found out about it because she still had her tags on her - rabies, dog license, and ID tag!!! Whoever did it didn't even have the decency to give us a call.

It's probably a good thing I don't know who did it because I might've done the same thing to them! :boxem:

The loss of a pet is never an easy thing (we just experienced it days ago; see my post about it) and the grief we experience is compounded when it was a needless death out of our control!
Yes I know he was not just a dog and your right I should not minimize the loss, it's just so odd though with this demon PTSD, that every single bad thing that has happened to me in my life comes to the surface now. SO MUCH FOR THINKING I HAD EVERYTHING IN PERSPECTIVE. The last couple of days have been a bit rough. With Christmas getting closer and knowing that my older boys can not be home, and with my one son being in Iraq it does add to my symptoms. I have been trying to push myself a bit to hard to, I am just so tired of not being able to do things that I would like to and yes I am starting to be more accepting of who I am now but sometimes I still get those moments of WISHING things were different. Right now I just have to kick myself in the butt and get back on track for healing. I know everyting I have to do to try and get a handle on this but it's hard when you just do not have the energy to do it. I took it pretty easy this weekend took time to just try and regroup and start again this morning. I am starting my journel again, took a break from that to when things started triggering bad memories but I think I can start it again. Thank goodness for this group, it helps me more than anything.
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