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New Here
I am finally seeking coaching and therapy to help me though the repeated trauma. We are working to unbraid the memories. I just wanted help so much, had been in therapy before; it was either the wrong time or the wrong type. I have lost the sense of intimacy or never had it; makes me sad to think that I have to be alone. This extroverted, hilarious, compassionate being that I am: I get to start healing.
I am so excited and scared, I've been told that I need friends. I've been told that I share too much, that it triggers others. Frankly: I need to share my experiences with someone that understands and will not terminate my job; triangulate messages; say that I am not well.
Thank you for reading, hope to be talking soon.


Welcome to the forum. It may help to start a member's only trauma diary to get out the details. The threads can be seen by general public, the member diaries cannot. Hope you find healing and support here.